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    1. What is hive?
    2. What is the difference between SQL and HQL?
    3. Difference between Hive and RDBMS?
    4. Describe the hive architecture?
    5. What is Hive Metastore?
    6. What is the difference between OLAP and OLTP?
    7. Why hive does not support OLTP operations?
    8. why HDFS does not support OLTP operations?
    9. Why HBASE has been introduced?
    10. What kind of data warehouse application is suitable for Hive?
    11. How to configure your database path in hive?
    12. How to load bulk data into hive table?
    13. Difference between external table and internal table in HIVE?
    14. How to move data from managed table to external table?
    15. How Can we join managed table with external table?
    16. How hive converts the job into MapReduce?
    17. How can the columns of a table in hive be written to a file?
    18. What is the difference between partitioning & bucketing?
    19. why we use partition and what is its advantage?
    20. what is the difference between Static & Dynamic Partition?
    21. How we can load data into partition table?
    22. what is performance tuning and configuration tuning?
    23. CONCAT, REPEAT, TRIM, REVERSE, LOWER or LCASE, UPPER or UCASE function in Hive with Example?
    24. How to rename a table in HIVE?
    25. How to change a column data type in Hive?
    26. Difference between order by and sort by in hive?
    27. What is Serialization in hive?

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