Hadoop Dump Interview Questions

1. how hadoop transaction is different form oracle transaction and also how read and write anatomy of Hdfs is different from oracle databases ?

2. how to transfer data from one datanode to another datanode ?

3. how nodes communicate each other ?

4.what is logical split ?

5.if datanode goes down how the blocks of that data node shift to another active datanode ?

6.what are the major components of an algorithm used by namenode to allocate location of block on different datanode ?

7.how to scale cluster configuration for particular data ?

8.how to design hadoop cluster to store 200 TB of data (resource,configuration&no of nodes.) ?

9. write an algorithm in which namenode decide to get the location of datanode to store block ?

10. what is job of OutputCollector ?

11. in which case we use split size greater then block size ?

12. write down the difference between mapr and maptask ?

13) write a job of combiner /what is a job compiler ?

14) write a mapreduce program , to introduce combiner class ?


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