Apache Spark Scala Training in Pune

Apache Spark scala Training in Pune: Welcome to India’s leading Spark scala Training Institute in Pune, We are the Expertise in the Field of Apache Spark Scala Training In Pune since 2006. we’re Providing World-class Advanced Spark Scala Classes in Pune with Our certified IT industry professionals.


Apache Spark Scala Training classes in Pune will Help you to learn the concepts of Scala, RDD, OOPS, Traits, Spark SQL and MLib enroll yourself at PrwaTech for the best Apache Spark Scala Certification course in Pune. This training course will help the participants to learn various concepts of large-scale data processing. This online course is a part of the Developer’s learning path.

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Rs. 16000/-Enroll Now


Rs. 16000/-Enroll Now


Rs. 16000/-Enroll Now


Rs. 16000/-Enroll Now

Apache Spark Scala Training Course in Pune

Apache Spark is quickly gaining momentum not only in the headlines but also in real-world adoption. Today, it has grown to the extent that, customers from all the industries are using it to improve their businesses with the HDP.

Learning Objectives: At the end of the Spark Training course at PrwaTech, you will be able to:

  • Learn Storm Architecture and basic distributed concepts.
  • Learn Big Data features
  • Understand Legacy architecture of real-time systems
  • Understand Logic Dynamics and Components in Storm
  • Learn the difference between Hadoop and Apache Spark
  • Learn Scala and the programming implementation in Scala
  • Build Spark Applications using Java, Python, and Scala
  • Implement Spark on a cluster
  • Gain insight into the functioning of Scala
  • Develop Real-life Storm Projects


  • Basic knowledge of Java basics is required.
  • Prior knowledge of Hadoop is not mandatory.

Recommended Audience For Apache Spark Training:

Anyone aiming to build a career in real-time Data Analytics.
Software Engineers who are eager to learn concepts of Big Data processing.
Software Architects, ETL Developers, Data Scientists, and Project Managers.

For Best Apache Spark Training course in Pune come and visit our Apache Spark training Pune institute, we also have a presence in other cities if you are looking for Spark Training in Bangalore you can visit our Spark Training in Marathalli institute for best in class Apache Spark training in Bangalore. Visit our Spark training academy Pune to learn from one another as well as get educated through research updates and guest lectures.

Who should go for this course?

  • Big Data Buffs
  • Software Engineers, Architects and Developers
  • Analytics Professionals
  • Data Scientists

In this module, will discuss Big Data. How Big Data impact in our social life & its important role. How Hadoop is helpful to manage & process Big Data. What is the problem with MapReduce and why spark came?


1.Big Data Problems
2. What is Hadoop?
3. Introduction to HDFS
4. Introduction to MapReduce with Example.
5. What is the problem with Map-reduce?
6. Why Apache Spark?
7. What is Apache Spark?
8. MapReduce vs Apache Spark

In this module, we will learn about RDD creations and RDD operations.

Topics: 1. Apache Spark installations in local machine.
2. Apache Spark Conf and spark context.
3. RDD creations
4. Operations on RDD
5. RDD transformations functions
6. Map & Flat Map difference
7. Actions on RDD
8. Persistence.

In this module, we will learn about Scala programing language.

Topics: 1. Why Scala?
2. Values.
3. Variables.
4. Basic oops concepts.
5. Scala Flow Control.
6. Functions.
7. Anonymous Functions.
8. Curried functions.
9. Classes.
10. Constructor.
11. Inheritance.
12. Abstract Classes.
13. Traits.
14. Collections.

In this module, will learn more operations on apache spark transformation and actions

Topics: 1. Working with RDD key-value
2. RDD joins
3. Shared Variables
4. Broadcast variables
5. Accumulators

In this Module, we will discuss a Spark Internals execution details


1. Apache Spark Cluster Details.
2. Apache Spark Standalone Mode cluster.
3. Running Spark application in Standalone mode cluster.
4. Summary of RDD sizes and memory usage.
5. Spark web UI.
6. Apache Spark internals.
7. Apache spark execution flow.
6. DAG: Logical graph of RDD operations
7. RDD Physical Plan.
8. Tasks.
9. Stages.
10. Scheduler.
11. Types of RDD transformations

HQL and Hive with Analytics

In this module, will learn about SQL operations in Spark.

Topics: 1. SQL Context.
2. Data Frame Creations https://www.prosco.com/towing-services.
3. Creating temporary tables
4. Parquet tables.
5. Loading and processing CSV file.
6. Loading and processing JSON File.
7. Writing data to the local file system.

Spark Streaming:

1. What is streaming?
2. Why streaming?
3. Discretized Streams.
4. Transformations on DStreams
5. Streaming Example

1. What is machine learning?
2. Machine learning current use cases.
3. Type of machine learnings.
4. Terminologies.
5. Problem with traditional analytics tools
6. Supervised learning using Spark with examples.
7. Unsupervised learning using Spark with Examples

With the increase in the number of data-driven applications which require real-time analytics and data processing workloads, programming frameworks like Apache Spark are getting popular in the market. As Apache Spark is an open-source parallel processing framework it replacing MapReduce within the Hadoop framework. The demand for Spark developers is on an exponential graph. Prwatech being in the business for so long completely understands the trends and the market demand. Apache Spark online training at Prwatech is completely designed as per the Market demand covering topics like Spark operations, RDDs, Spark streaming, SparkSQL, GraphX and many others. At Prwatech we believe in having a balance between learning and practical knowledge for which we provide many real-world problems. Plus the added benefit of this course at Prwatech is that it’s not just any other course. It’s a certificate course, so after clearing the certification exam will be provided by a certificate which you can showcase in your CV.

The Prwatech training is the most comprehensive course, designed by industry experts keeping in mind the job scenario and corporate requirements. We also provide lifetime access to videos, course materials, 24/7 Support, and free course material upgrade. Hence it is a one-time investment.

We have a different mode of training. You can either opt for a classroom course or an online course (instructor-led or self-learning). The course structure and the projects for any type of mode of training are the same. Generally, we have a perception that if it’s not a classroom course then we may miss out on the material that is been taught. But that is not the case with Prwatech. Your mode of training does not make any difference to what you will gain with the training.

Experts at Prwatech are always there for you. As it’s a self-learning online course, in case of any query students can contact our 24/7 support to raise a query. Email support will be provided for your queries. The added benefit is that this support is not just limited to your course time. Prwatech provides you lifetime support. There is no limit to the number of queries that you can raise.

Yes, you can learn Apache Spark without having a software background. As it is a self-learning course, so it makes it easier for you to have your own speed of learning. Plus we offer a number of complementary courses that can help you to brush up your programming skills.

Prwatech helps you to work on real-life cases as a part of the trainings. We believe in making each of our student industry ready. So all the cases that are given to test your skills will be very challenging and will help you to push your limits. Another exciting part of these cases is that we have a nice blend of various industries in them. As a result, the students have knowledge about the problems that they might face in various industries.

We do provide placement assistance. Prwatech has tie-ups with 80+ organizations like TCS, Ericsson, Cisco and much more that are looking for Spark Developers. We will be more than happy to help you prepare for the interview and the job.

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