Data Science Course Training in Bangalore

Who is a data scientist?

Data Scientist is a person who analyses entire accumulated data from various sources, across various machines concerned with the subject or a product in order to provide suitable insights to his company. The growth of the company depends upon the strategical plans drawn by forecasting marketing changes depending upon the insights provided by their data science. The study of the accumulated data across from all the sources, consumer network, competitors’ information, sales records, brand image inputs, consumer reviews, political conditions, financial conditions, everything related to the product defines specific status of the product in the market, thus enable the data scientist to provide suitable analysis report to his company. Information explosion these days due to the invention of the internet made it extremely necessary for the business organizations to equip themselves with an expert and efficient data analyst in their organization to thrive ahead.

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Why it is necessary to learn Data Science?

It is necessary to learn the data science Course Training in Bangalore is more than ever in the present business scenario. The need to fill the void for an able data scientist is necessary ever than before. Gone are the days of brick and mortar business. Present business needs to have powerful tools to meet global competition. Unknown challenges, unexpected changes in political and economic status in the global market need to be met suitably by effective business strategies. It is necessary to learn the data science course in Bangalore for the following reasons explained below for the benefit of those who wish to take up this Data Science course in Bangalore.

Connect with consumers effectively, knowing them directly help to develop higher-end products that are beneficial both the ways.

1. De-redesign the products to meet consumer expectations
2. Allows performing a risk analysis
3. Helps to keep your data safe and secure
4. Explore new revenues based on the data analysis
5. Customize all the transactions by making real-time analysis
6. By applying suitable strategies, it will allow organizations to reduce maintenance cost
7. Allows business organizations to get a wider perspective of the concerned business
All the above-mentioned features are extremely essential for the growth of any business environment; therefore it is easy to understand the importance of data science and scientist in an organization.

Who is best fit to take up this course?

1. IT professionals
2. Business Analysts
3. Data Analysts
4. Warehouse managers
5. Application Developers
6. Job seekers in the IT industry
7. Business operators

What are the course objectives of Data Science?

1. Learners are taught to understand business intelligence and business analytics
2. To understand the business data analysis through the powerful tools of data application
3. Learn how to apply Tableau, MapReduce, and get introduced into R and R+
4. Understand the methods of data mining and the creation of decision tree
5. Explore different aspects of Big Data Technologies
6. Learn the concepts of loop functions and debugging tools

What are the pre-requisites for the course?

Learners should have an aptitude for analytical thinking. It is necessary to have quantitative skills. Technical background and programming knowledge will be an added advantage to join this course. Anybody who is interested in the field of data analytics can join the Data science course Training institute in Bangalore to hone their skills.

Learning Objectives – Data scientist certification in India module one starts with the basics of Business Analytics, R basic, R programming, R’s role in solving analytical problems, R’s popularity in tech giants like- Facebook, Google, Finance, etc.

Topics: Business Analytics, R, R language and programming, Ecosystem, Uses of R, Data types in R, subsetting methods, R comparison with other software’s, R installation, operations in R, useful packages, IDER, GUI, using functions like- length(), str(), ncol() etc, summarize data.

Learning Objectives – In this module, we will discuss dirty data set, data cleaning, which results in data set, and ready for analysis, exploring functions, the versatility of R, the robustness of R. This module helps you to understand various importing techniques in R

Topics: Data Cleaning, Data Inspection, Troubleshooting the problems, Function uses, grepl(), sub(), grep(), Data coerce, apply() functions use, Import data from spreadsheets into R, Importing text files into R, import data, installation of packages. RDBMS from R, using ODBC, SQL queries, Web Scraping

Learning Objectives – Data scientist certification in Bangalore module 3 includes information about exploratory data analysis, EDA- for observing what data tell us beyond the formal hypothesis. Typical EDA process.

Topics: Exploratory Data Analysis, Implementing EDA on datasets, Box plots, cor() in R, EDA functions, list(), summarize(), Multiple packages in R, various plots, Segment plot, HC plot in R.

Learning Objectives – In this module, you will learn about- visualization in USP of R, creating simple visualization in R, complex visualization in R.

Topics: Data Visualization, Graphical representations, Functions in R, Plotting graphs like box plot, table plot and histogram, Improvising plots, GUIs, Deducer, R Commander and Spatial Analysis.

Learning Objectives – In this module, we will discuss various Machine Learning algorithms, Machine Learning types- Unsupervised Learning and Supervised Learning, Difference between Unsupervised Learning and Supervised Learning. We will also learn about K-means Clustering and implementing them, Concepts of Decision trees and Random forest, Algorithm creation of forests and trees, LMS.

Topics: Data Mining, Machine Learning algorithms, Unsupervised and Supervised Machine, K-means clustering, Decision Trees, Random forest Algorithm creation, Entropy, features, and working of Random forest.

HQL and Hive with Analytics

Learning Objectives – Data science course in Bangalore, module 6, we will introduce- Regression Techniques, Linear and logistic regression basics, implementation in R.

Topics: Simple and Multiple Linear Regressions, Simple and Multiple Logistic Regression, Log-Linear Model.

Learning Objectives – In this module, we will discuss the Analysis of Variance, ANOVA Technique, Predictive Analysis.

Topics: Anova Technique, Sample testing, One and Two-way ANOVA, Predictive Analysis.

You will be given a problem statement and in this module, our qualified professionals will help you with that statement.

Perform Exploratory Data Analysis

Topics: Establish a hypothesis of data.
• Handle outliers
• Troubleshooting missing data.
• Validation datasets.
• Logistic Regression
• Confusion Matrix
• Final model

In this world where data is becoming the base of every decision, Data Science is becoming the need of the hour. Prwatech has always been known for understanding the market gap and come up with courses that are in alignment with the industry need. Data Scientist course at Prwatech is a 40-hour practical based along with with 35-course classes program. After completion of which you will be able to understand business intelligence and business analytics with the power of analyzing large data junks. Along with that, you will be able to debug and understand all aspects of Big Data Technology. Some key topics that you would be covering with Prwatech are Business Analytics, R, R language and programming, Ecosystem, Uses of R, Data types in R, subsetting methods, R comparison with other software’s, and many more

Prwatech offers various modes of training, from classroom to online (self-learning and instructor-led). We understand that each student is different so does his needs. Therefore, we believe in teaching with different modes so that each student can start his learning journey on his own. With the various modes of study, a student can select which fits best to him. In case of query, our team of experts is always available for help.

At Prwatech we take each student very seriously and believe in providing 100% support throughout their learning journey. We have 24/7 contact support. Where in a student can raise in their query and within no time email support will be provided. A student can avail this support even after the completion of the course.

The only pre-requisite for this course is to have an aptitude for analytical thinking. You need not be a programmer, never the less if you have programming skills that would be an added benefit.

Our Data Science course has a nice blend of real-life cases as a part of the training curriculum. We believe in preparing students for industry. These cases will help you to test your skills at all levels. As these are a real-life problem they will help you to build a greater understanding of the problems that you might face at work.

It does not matter which mode of education you chose to take with Prwatech. We offer placements for all the modes of the course. Prwatech has tie-ups with more than 80+ organization within various industries.

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