Find your big data hadoop training opportunities in 2017

Big Data training opportunities a decade ago was a brand new concept in the digital world. Since the industrialisation was growing day by day, the sources of data management needed an urgent upgradations to their structures. To tackles with such situations the concept of big-data was coined.

Hadoop training bangalore

Hadoop training bangalore

However, big-data being an extremely new concept it was difficult to approve its vitality. Therefore amongst the organizations to took the risk of trying it eBay, Google and LinkedIn, were the once who also took initiative to check. They experimented on their small-scale projects to improvise their analytical model, and surprisingly the results were outstanding! After the approval of big data’s vitality, several companies has started employing big data to encompass more models and data.

Looking For Big data hadoop training in bangalore?

1.) Cost reduction:

  • When the management of data strikes our mind, the first thing which strikes our mind is the cost!
  • Hadoop and various cloud based analytical tools help us to have a more cost effective data management.
  • Now a days, large companies tend to deploy big data technology, for the purpose of augmenting the existing or the traditional technologies.
  • For such purposes, Hadoop clusters are being employed and for the purpose of production analytical application data is usually moved to the enterprise warehouses.

2.) Improved decision making:

  • Hadoop has surely aided in speeding up the existing decisions.
  • With Big data, it is easy to achieve an improvised form of decision making, which adds to the demand of bid data professionals.

3.) New products and services:

  • Creation of new products and services is also an integral part of Big Data deployment.
  • For almost a decade, online firms have been using big data analytics.
  • However, with time, the trend has been changing, and advancements have been made in offline firms as well, as they have also started using the Big Data analytics.

Big Data Salaries:

A brief note is to be made on the money issues, it is said that money is not everything however, making a check on your livelihood is not a bad idea either!

  • Therefore a short insight is given below for you to check the amount of money you are getting versus the amount of money you deserve!
  • What’s in Big Data to earn, a clear cut transparency for your salary issues:

a.) Hadoop:

Some people get a fair piece of share when it comes to the compensation received for their services, while some aren’t aware of the exact amount.

  • The trend of salary is not constant, it basically depends upon the company that how much they are willing to pay their engineers.
  • A Hadoop engineer’s salary too can vary from company to company, while some engineers can earn around $110,000 whereas another company can offer up to $145,000.

b.) Data Analyst:

  • Data analysts are commonly known as ‘Data scientist in training’ or ‘Analytics managers in training’.
  • Right after the completion of our schooling years, one can become a data analysts however, there is a difference between the experienced and the entry level data analysts.
  • The people who own as BS or a MS degree, without a work experience from an industry are called as entry level analysts.
  • The salary for entry level analysts can range from $50,000– $75,000.
  • The salary for experienced data analysts can range from $65,000 -$110,000.

c.) Data scientists:

Data scientists are professionals in the Big- data industry and are thus paid a handsome amount for the brains they used to bring out the best from the data.

  • With the high levels of expertise needed in this profession, the number of data scientists tend to be less.
  • The salary can range from &85,000 -$170,000.
  • In some unique situations, they are paid up to $250,000.

d.) Analytics manager salary:

  • These people are considered to be at a higher level of data-driven-profession which tagged them as Data Analytics manager.
  • The people belonging to this profession tend to have Excellency is quantitative and technical skills.
  • Salary for analytics manager can range from $90,000- $240,000.

e.) DBA Salary:

  • Data Base administrators are subjected to the maintenance of data systems.
  • DBA’s are highly technical people, and their levels of expertise in different technologies, which makes a variations in their salary levels.
  • For entry level DBA’s the salary can range from $50,000-$70,000.
  • For experienced DBA’s the salary can range from $70,000-120,000.

f.) Big Data Engineer Salary:

Big data engineers are needed in an organization to architect the applications and data platforms, where multiple capabilities of analytics can function.

  • The systems which are used by these engineers are consist of core technical concepts and are highly sophisticated.
  • These engineers are have a high reputation in the Big Data world and are paid well for what they develop for the organization.
  • The junior engineers are paid in a range of $70,000-$115,000.
  • The domain Experts are paid in a range of $100,000-$165,000.

The development of these engineers at various levels and purposes has brought the big data world to an unimaginable world of competition all handled with highest peaks of talents!