1.What is a Commodity HardWare?

Ans: It Means Cheap Hardware or Low Cost HardWare.

2.What is a Meta Data?

Ans: Meta Data Means Data About Data.

3.What is Deamon?

Ans: Deamon Is A BackGround Process

4.What is The Typical Block Size of an Hdfs Block?

Ans: The Typical Block Size Of An HDFS Block Is 64 MB.

5.What is NOSQL?

Ans:A NOSQL DataBase Provides a Mechanism For Storage And Retrieval Of Data That Is Different From Other Tabular Structure Data Base.
It Is A Popular Name For A Structured Storage Software That Is Designed With The Intention Of Delivering Increased Optimization For High Performance Operates On Large Data Sheets. And It Is Easy To Use .