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    Scaning using HBase Shell:-
    The scan command is used to view the data in HTable. Using the scan command, you can get the table data. Its syntax is as follows:
    scan ‘<table name>’

    HBase – Count & Truncate:-
    You can count the number of rows of a table using the count command. Its syntax is as follows:
    count ‘<table name>’

    This command disables drops and recreates a table. The syntax of truncate is as follows:
    hbase> truncate ‘table name’

    HBase – Security

    The grant command grants specific rights such as read, write, execute, and admin on a table to a certain user. The syntax of grant command is as follows:
    hbase> grant <user> <permissions> [<table> [<column family> [<column; qualifier>]]

    The revoke command is used to revoke a user’s access rights of a table. Its syntax is as follows:
    hbase> revoke <user>
    The following code revokes all the permissions from the user named ‘Tutorialspoint’.
    hbase(main):006:0> revoke ‘Tutorialspoint’
    This command is used to list all the permissions for a particular table. The syntax of user_permission is as follows:
    hbase>user_permission ‘tablename’
    The following code lists all the user permissions of ‘emp’ table.
    hbase(main):013:0> user_permission ’emp’

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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