How SSL Technology Works For Safe Online Transactions

Internet security is one of the most crucial points when it comes to digitally based platforms, websites and any form of interaction between the users and the web.

Technically speaking, internet security is a branch of computer security which is mainly focused on improving the security level of all devices that are connected to the internet. In fact, the web is not only a precious and ever-evolving source for almost all types of information, it’s also a source of dangers and threats for the devices that are connected to the digital world of the internet.


The Virtual World Of The Web – Dangers And Solutions

Similarly to our real world, even the virtual world of the web has its dangers and it’s fundamental for every user to be aware about the latest threats as well as about the newest tools to protect their device. Either you use a mobile or a computer, you can’t actually avoid malware and other infected files unless you use specific security systems.

Among the best and most used security systems there are intelligent anti-virus software and blocks that can be activated directly through your device’s Setting Options (in-built blocks that protect the device from navigation through dangerous websites).

However, if users have to be aware about what may represent a danger for their device, on the other hand the website owners have also to protect their sites in order to ensure their visitors or online customers a secure experience. Ecommerce sites and businesses that use a website to sell their services/products have to be necessarily protected in order to keep customer information private and safe from any attempt of fraud.

Phishing is only one of the most known ways that hackers use to pick up user information. In most of cases, it’a bout stealing financial information that can be extracted from tracking of financial transactions (for example, from a credit card number).

How To Know When An Online Site Is Protected

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So, either you are a user or a website owner you’d better keep updated about the latest advanced technologies that can make all the difference and protect your website or navigation experience in a sufficient way.

Today,some of the most targeted websites by skilled hackers who are in seek for users’ financial information are casino sites. There’s not a better place in the virtual world of the internet where they can find a larger amount of financial information altogether. If you are a passionate casino player or a sports bettijng gambler who doesn’t want to give up online games anyway, you have to check for secured casino sites that give you the best protection against any fraudulent action.

These online Casinos sponsored by the Arabic casino guide A7labet Casino result to be excellent in this regard. The security level of their sites and financial transactions is the highest in this world. You can actually see this by looking at the URL of these casinos: you can notice that it starts with the letters “https”, which means that those sites are secured and protected by the SSL technology.

How SSL Technology Works

In general, there are many advantages in using SSL technology. As we said above, online customers or gamblers are protected when processing online financial transactions. Let’s see here how SSL technology actually works against hacking and malware software:

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When a device attempts to connect to a website, a request is sent by the device to the website in order to identify its security level. If the website is secured with SSL technology, the device connects to it. In the case, the website is not secured by any form of internet security technology, the device activates its anti-virus software to block the navigation to that site.

In particular, the web server sends the browser which attempts to connect a copy of its SSL technology’s certificate as a prove of authetication.

Once the information about the SSL certificate lands to the browser, this latter checks it in order to identify its source and trustworthiness.

If the SSL certificate results to be valid, the web server replies by sending a digital acknowledgment. With this, the web server can start the SSL encrypted session.

During the SSL encrypted session, encrypted information is shared between the two parties (the browser and server) and the user can complete their navigation and any other action on the website.

If you are interested in SSL technology, consider that there are several certificates, like the EV (extended validation), the OV (organization validated) and the DV (domain validated), each of them offers a different level of security and can be acquired in different ways.


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