Making Up for Your IT Shortcomings

Many people today secretly regret not having studied IT. They also don’t really have a very clear understanding of the term in the first of place, but they regret their lack in that area nevertheless. “Coders”, “programmers” and “developers” are almost surreal terms for those among us who haven’t made the “right” choices to study more technical professions.

Whatever your current area of expertise is, you can pick a lot that IT has to offer and implement it successfully at your work, boosting productivity, making yourself more useful and, let’s face it, deriving greater satisfaction from your work.

The world has changed so much that you cannot realistically expect to acquire a skill set and use it until your day of retirement.  No, the work place is dynamic, but the good news is that if you are at the right place, trainings and picking up new skills will happen quite naturally and without you having to stress over IT deficits. However, there is a big difference between IT in the sense of software developers and the general office skills that you can make full good use of , such as Microsoft Office and other handy and necessary tools.

Mastering Microsoft Office – No So Daunting

IT skills are in demand, and there are many such skills that you can learn. Nobody is really fond of Microsoft Office. It’s a tool – not something to use and have fun with. Thanks to Microsoft’s highly-customizable tools, though, you can have quite bit of fun. Sorting through Excel can be reduced down to a few macros.

Making a killer presentation is easy with Power Point. Of course, some people who are obsessed with efficiency and productivity would say that the value of spending a day in the office working on presentation is a day wasted, but there are many great examples to cite against this statement.

Besides, Word is the defining word processing editor and when you think about it, it’s a must have whatever your job is. Spacing and proper formatting might need some research to master, but for the most part it’s very easy to pick a few skills that would save you loads of trouble. Looking to pick office skill that will save you trouble? Here’s a quick list before we move onto the next marketable skill:

  • Text editing

  • Excel

  • Search operators

Search operators are simple commands that allow you to optimise your use of Google, Bing, Yahoo and any other relevant search engines that you might be alternating between. If you are looking for researching casinos, for examples, it would be helpful to go straight to and get a detailed breakdown about relevant brands.

However finding the website would mean that you have entered the correct search queries and knowledge of how the so-called Boolean operators can be quite handy.

Learning the Basics of Web Programming

A skill that can make you quite handy at work is understanding how basic web programming works. It’s quite easy to pick the ropes and once you do, you will have an entirely new world ahead of you. Text editing for web can involve the use of HTML(5) tags.

Understandably, more user-friendly solutions exist today and you don’t have to memorise HTML tag or CSS styles, but the truth is that it helps a great deal. Basic understanding of PHP is also a great way to get some small foothold in web.

Nobody expects from you to be a profound developer. You can instead pick the basics and even change your profession in future. The important thing is that you learn new things and if you feel stuck you might want to change up your career altogether.

Mobility is quite possible these days, especially when it comes to your career. If you like to be busy, age should be no deterrent. With life expectancy sending people well into their 80s, career change is quite possible. You can start fresh – pick a new skill and completely change your profession. Not all people would be fond of the idea, understandably, but it’s an exciting time to be alive.

Honing your skills, IT or otherwise, takes natural curiosity which you can develop in marketable skills. Profit needn’t be the reason why you want to better yourself. Some people love to start from scratch and rediscover themselves doing various new things. Some would leave writing to become writers and others would change up their act, forget all about excel macros, and become full-stack developers. The choice lies solely with the person.

IT skills in the 21st century are important for employees, but they are also an opportunity to comprehend the world a little better.

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