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PrwaTech offers Python course in Bangalore and it will provide you in-depth knowledge in Python by industry expert trainers in Bangalore location, It will help you to boost your knowledge in this domain. Python is one of the leading, powerful and flexible open-source languages that is easy to use, easy to learn and has prevailing libraries for data analysis and manipulation. For years, Python is being used in scientific-computing and highly quantitative fields like oil and gas, finance, physics and signal processing. We also have python training institute in pune.
The python online classes in our training program cover both basic and advanced concepts of Python such as sequence and file operations in python, writing python scripts, Web Scraping, Machine Learning in Python, Map Reduce in Python, Python UDF for Pig and Hive and Hadoop Streaming. Participants will also undergo essential and widely used packages like pandas, pydoop, numpy scipy, scikit etc. For best python training in Bangalore & pune enroll today in our training course.

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Rs. 16000/- Enroll Now



Rs. 16000/- Enroll Now



Rs. 16000/- Enroll Now

Python Course and Certification objectives:

  • To throw light on programming and enjoy python scripting.
  • Discover core python structures and flow control.
  • Create and execute python functions.
  • Work with python execution environment.
  • Explore python library.
  • Handle file-system using python scripts.
  • Learn object oriented programming.
  • Understand and handle errors and exceptions.
  • Learn python document programming.
  • Learn python web programming.
  • Manage NoSQL and SQL databases with python.

Why to go for Python Training?

  • Our Python training classes will help those who want to excel in the field of information technology.
  • Our Python training tutorials will help you move forward in your career by setting you apart from your competitors.
  • There is a great demand for Python in the today’s job market and the participants can easily learn theoretical as well.

as practical knowledge at our python training institute in Pune.
Anyone who’s interested in learning Programming Languages and searching for python training in Pune & Bangalore and anyone interested in learning IT courses and looking for best python training institutes in Bangalore must enroll in our Python training courses.

Why to go for Python Training?

  • A basic understanding of web design or fundamental programming skills

Why Python over other languages?

Easy to learn syntax of python helps new programmers to code efficiently. By decreasing and simplifying the debugging process, productivity from the programmers’ end in improved. Effective reusability of code is integrated in the python language allowing even small programmer to perform huge tasks efficiently. Python is gaining momentum over java, Objective C etc, owing to its wide fields of application.

Python market and future

Python is a multi-platform language used for desktop application development. Python provides a number of choices for web developers in the form of frameworks such as Pyramid and Django. It supports standard internet protocols such as html, xml etc

If you are looking for Python training in Bangalore and interested in learning this powerful scripting language then enroll yourself for Python training course and get trained with certified experts.

In this module, you will understand what is python, how to install and use it including with some basic concepts of python to understand it more.
Installing Python (By default installed in Linux systems)
Formal and natural languages
Python Interpreter
Python Scripts
Conditional Expressions
Errors and Debuggers (Syntax errors, Runtime errors, Semantic errors)

This module is for describing different data types and functions in python and how to use them.
Dictionaries (Dict)
List – dictionaries Comprehensions(List of lists, list of dict, dict of list, dict of dict etc.)
Built in functions (str, type, len, dir)
Lambda Function

This module contains standard libraries which are mostly used in python and third party tools.
Standard Libraries ( urllib, re, os, sys , strings, math, random etc)
Installing third party tool (virtual env, Beautiful soup etc)

This module deals with object oriented concepts of python programming.
Classes and objects
Special class methods
Error and exceptions Handling

This module deals File handling in python programming such that what are different use cases we can apply on files.
Opening File
Reading file
Closing file
Writing to files
Errors and exceptions handling

HQL and Hive with Analytics

Powerful library, high readability and clear syntax are the key features of this high level language. Regular expression helps new programmers to use codes efficiently and decrease the debugging process. Python’s productivity from the programmers end in improved. Re-usability of codes is integrated in python that allows performing the huge tasks even small programs efficiently. Python is gradually gaining momentum over java, C, C++ etc.
Pattern and rules for them
Sub function
Search function
Compile function

These are objects which use some logic/method to get next value of sequence.
General Expressions

This is very important for self testing purpose of your project/program. This is useful for checking expected results, failed and success scenarios.
Purpose and use of it
How to write test cases
Test case for Success, Failures
Test case for expected results

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Practical 40 Hours
15 Seats
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