The Latest Web Development Trends to Keep an Eye On

The world's economy is going through some important changes as we speak. Blockchain technologies together with Artificial Intelligence and smart technologies are just a few of the most burning matters to keep a close eye on. The advent of technology makes everything extremely volatile and difficult to foresee. Once every few months, we witness an important breakthrough that leaves us gasping for air, while revolutionizing the digital world as we know it. Developers and programmers need to stay up-to-date with all the freshest additions and novelties in order to stay relevant. Knowing which are the most sought-after programming languages and frameworks, apps and web design trends is a must for any well-reputed engineer. To come to your help, here are a few of the hottest web development trends you should keep an eye on at the moment.

The Hottest Web Development Trends Of The Year:

Motion UI, The Highlight of Interactive Web Design

There has been a huge demand for interactive web design lately, and Motion UI will continue to rise to the expectations. Thanks to its dynamic graphics and top-notch animation features, users can truly rely on it when conveying a message with the help of visual aids. Motion UI is a solid library that allows engineers to create the desired transition effects on interfaces without any obstacles and without having any Java or jQuery knowledge. It is also one of the fastest-growing libraries as it enables programmers to animate content in just a few simple steps. For gamblers who like to play slots online at Australia Casino, Motion UI is already an integrating part of their experience – even though most of them might not be aware of it. Most web developers use this library when creating website animations for a variety of clients, online casinos included. 

Artificial Intelligence and Analytics Solutions

AI is a type of machine-displayed intelligence that mimics human intelligence and can handle various cognitive functions such as the ability to learn, assess data, comprehend human emotions and solve problems. More and more companies will be implementing AI-based analytics solutions, together with the automation of multi-tasking systems. AI virtual assistants are already enjoying huge rates of success and popularity worldwide, while voice bots are remodelling the way people interact and engage in doing business. The goal today is for Machine Learning to keep developing and eventually simulate genuine human empathy and use commonsense.

JavaScript, on Top of All Rankingsprogramming

JavaScript continues to be the most used programming language and it has been the most popular choice of developers for the last six years. Its continuously evolving libraries and frameworks turn it into a solid choice every time. The degree of flexibility it offers to users is also one of the reasons why it is so highly praised at a global level. Indian developers and engineers also specialize in it and work at acquiring more JavaScript skills periodically. Single Page Application is one of the most sought-after web apps that rely on Javascript. The app is excellent for building responsive sites or offering support to mobile and desktop apps alike. It can keep interruptions to a minimum while improving overall performance thanks to the page reloading feature. At the same time, the app can cut the time needed for developing since it can respond to navigation actions without the need to handle a request to get fresh HTML from the server.

Progressive Web App For Highly Functional Sites

Progressive Web Apps are also an important web development trend that programmers and engineers should keep a close eye on this year. It is a modern web app that loads like a normal web page or site, but which features an incredibly large level of functionality. We can mention the fast speed loading of the pages no matter what network or browser you might be using. The reason is because this app relies on a special strategy that focuses on core webpage content. Engineers who wish to offer trustworthy and independent user experience with zero interference can rely on progressive web apps to reach their goals. It relies on HTTP to prevent tampering with data, which makes it even more reliable.

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