Virtual Network service endpoints

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Service Endpoints


  • Provides secure and direct connectivity to Azure services
  • use optimized route over the Azure backbone network.
  • You can Azure service to only your virtual networks.
  • Service Endpoints enables private IP addresses in the VNet to reach tho endpoint of an Azure service without
  • needing a public IP address on the VNet.
Demo: Service Endpoints

Prerequisite: Storage account & Azure storage explorer concepts



Service Endpoint vs Private endpoint


  1. Access
    1. Service — It to be a ptb0cly routable
    2. Private — It is a private IP the space of the virtual Netcare where the private endpoint is corduroy.
    3. Both are made to let you control who comets to service. Without eTrac the internet. traffic between yournetwork and the service is routed through the Microsoft backbone network.
  2. Data protection
    1. Service Emmott — For exfiltration traffic must through MVA/Firewall.
    2. Private — It has built-in data protection system
  3. Complexity
    1. Service Endpoint — It’s a lot easier to implement, and it reduces the complexity architecture designed significantly.
    2. Private link — Anotherresource must managed.
  4. Cost
    1. Service endpoint — using VNet service comet at no extra cost,
    2. Private Link — Depending on total ingress and egress traffic as well as the link’s runtime, costs can quickly escalate.
  5. Availability
    1. Both services are not available for all resolves/services.

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