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Big Data Training in Bangalore

Prwatech is best big data training institute in Bangalore Offering great opportunity to tech enthusiasts to master your skills in big data technology such as Map Reduce, Hive, Pig, HBase, Flume, Apache Spark and many others. We don’t end our best Big Data Training Institute in Bangalore by simply providing Course Competition Certification we help you to Understand How this Technology works in real-time Applications.

Simply, big data would be the problem and Hadoop would be one of the solutions leveraged to make sense of it. With the inclusion of a much needed HDFS component, the distributed storage problem is taken care of while the MapReduce component optimizes parallel data processing. According to Gartner data, nearly 26% of the analysts are leveraging Hadoop in their daily tasks which makes it imperative to learn the platform and stay ahead of the curve. In addition to its ability to handle concurrent tasks, Hadoop is scalable and cost-effective as well, making the lives of analysts much easier than before.

Big Data Training Institute in Bangalore (Organizational Benefits):

Training in Big Data and Hadoop has certain organizational benefits as well:

  • Relative to other traditional solutions, Hadoop is quite cost-effective because of its seamless scaling capabilities across large volumes of data
  • Expedited access to new data sources which allows an organization to reach its full potential
  • Boosts the security of your system as Hadoop boasts of a feature called HBase security
  • Hadoop enables organizations to run applications on thousands of nodes

Why You Need Big Data Training in Bangalore From PrwaTech?

According to the latest research, nearly 2.5 quintillion bytes of data are created every day, and the number is slowly edging upwards. The storage and processing power needed to handle these large volumes of data cannot be handled in an efficient manner with traditional frameworks and platforms. So, there arose a need to explore distributed storages and parallel processing operations in order to understand and make sense of these large volumes of data or big data. Hadoop by Apache provides the much-needed power that is required to manage such situations to handle Big Data.

Get future-ready, understand how to harness the power locked in Big Data using Hadoop

So one can highly showcase skills in related sectors such as IT, data management, finance, and many others. Our Trainers are covering the Latest trends, in-depth Big Data Eco-system tools, working Principles & Real-time Executions. With Our Advanced course curriculum which is designed by the 20+ Years certified experts, one can easily learn the course with Real-time projects in a short duration.

Big Data Training Institute in Bangalore

Whether you are an expert in data processing or you are a beginner to have a career in data, you can choose this Advanced course from Our best institutes for big data training in Bangalore.  Get the Industry Recognized Advanced course from the highly skilled industry certified Professionals of Prwatech. Are you the one who is huger to know the best platform of Big Data Training with Placement in Bangalore, the Prwatech is an Ideal option for you.

All the Current course Modules are designed by 20+ Years of Experienced Industry certified Experts. So choose the best Certification course providers who can help you to understand the Technology and Working principles from Scratch. Enroll today with our best big data training and placement experts for a clear demo about the Course.

Masters Program

Highly specialized courses to drive your success.Your awesome career in Data
Science and Data Engineering starts here.

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Our Offerings.

Corporate Training

IT professionals, or anyone who is looking towards building a career in Big Data and Hadoop are ideal participants for the Big Data and Hadoop training.

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IT Training

The Big Data and Hadoop internship is an opportunity to access the knowledge on YARN,the data operating system where you are going to learn Script, SQL, JAVA,..

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Online Training

Live online and interactive classes conducted with certified instructors from the convenience of your home or office! The Hadoop Online Course is designed

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College Workshop

In PRWATECH we make sure that real time experience is being given to students and professional , through workshop in advance fields like BIG Data & Hadoop..

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What are the benefits of opting for Big Data Training in Bangalore?

In terms of software processing and data science, Big Data is a notable name due to its various uses. With more advanced software possibilities and easier computing techniques, it enables better technological advancement. Not to mention, this includes a lot of different components besides the complicated data, like better techniques, tools, and frameworks.

Given its ability to handle stronger processing, data analysts focus a lot on the training aspect of it. Thus, you should try for Big Data Training in Bangalore if you want to gain knowledge in this. This would benefit you in your career in many ways, and they are mentioned hereafter.

  1. AI development

In terms of software development and business, AI or Artificial Intelligence is a veritable success. And many developers try to utilize and work on these projects hoping to create successful software for users. In this regard, if you learn Big Data, that would act as a stepping stone towards AI learning. This is because a lot of the processing techniques that are used for AI development is the same for Big Data.

  1. Competitive advantage

When creating a product for the consumers, it is important to assess what the consumers want. Big Data is a huge help in this regard, as it gives developers knowledge on the various trends currently available. Not to mention, one can detect where the consumer interest lies, and design advertisement and marketing strategies accordingly. Thus, this is a good reason for learning this.

  1. More in demand

More and more software development companies are looking for data analysts who know and can use Big Data. Many of the big-scale companies require such professionals and provide bigger payscale to them. Thus, if you learn this branch of data science in a Big Data Training Institute In Bangalore, you would get better job opportunities.

  1. Broader scope

In essence, Big Data is a vast minefield of data solving techniques and tools that work with different types of IT strategies. So, if you receive training on this, that would automatically improve your practice on reasoning and analysis.

Indeed, you would learn better with respect to problem solving and statistics too, and use these skills in various ways. Not only can you use this in software-related fields, but also other practical manners.

Overall, there is a lot of scope in the stream of the IT industry when one learns Big Data. Not only does it increase one’s level of competence but also broadens their career opportunities. Thus, it is a good investment to consider in the question of training and later, your career-graph.

Ensure that you are job-ready to take up assignments from best big data Training in Bangalore Experts


Learn to lead future communication technology i.e. data management occupies first place among all other existing technologies. Equip to face the challenges by developing the capabilities and skill sets to match the present industry requirements. A comprehensive Big data training institute in btm layout leads to exploring the amazing world of data management from the core. We designed our big data certification course as per the Current marketing Trends & standards, so one who chooses our best training institute can compete with the current IT world without any doubts. Our institute offering Flexible timings to all our students, so one can easily participate in our classes without compromising Personal life.

Why Prwatech is best choice for big data training in Bangalore?


Our best big data training institute in Bangalore platform extensively provides integrated solutions to your existing business operations that are reliable and compatible with your existing database management system. Understand the modern database management system through our Classroom Training & Online training. Knowing the power of Big Data Certification Courses in Bangalore especially training makes you handle efficiently all the operations from beginning to end, enabling you to handle all the levels of projects smoothly.


Our Advanced Big Data course is an opportunity to access the knowledge on YARN, the data operating system where you are going to learn Script, SQL, JAVA, NoSQL, Stream, in memory, and become an expert in HDFS. Thus our Big Data training in Bangalore introduces multiple processes and languages that work successfully with the cluster.


Prwatech assists aspirants and professionals to know more about the different platforms used for operations as the best big data coaching center. YARN divides the purpose of handling the data into four major categories. One of the pioneers in the field of big data course in Bangalore helping Students/Technology enthusiasts to hone their skills and develop requisite expertise in the field of big data management.


Big Data Training in to cover all the programs such as Apache, Apache Cassandra, and other relevant subjects, making aspirants capable enough to explore the world from the core to finish. Explore and expedite your career life with the help of big data training and placement in Bangalore Experts. Then don’t waste a single second step into one of Prwatech Corporate Branches.

Few things you need to know!

What is the correlation between Hadoop and Big Data?

To start with Big data and Hadoop are two different concepts but they are interrelated. In simple terms, Big data is a massive amount of data and Hadoop is the framework that is used to store, process, and analyze this data. Data has evolved rapidly in the last decade. In the earlier days, there were fewer data generating sources and there was only one type of data being generated which was the structured data. Only a single traditional database was enough to store and process this data. But as time passed by, the number of sources increased and data was generated in large amounts all across the globe. This generated data was of three types, structured data like excel records, semi-structured data like mails, and unstructured data like videos and images. It was now difficult for a traditional database to store, process, and analyze this data. This data is termed big data, data that is huge to be stored, processed, or analyzed using traditional databases. To store and process this big data we have frameworks like Hadoop and Cassandra.

Hadoop is a kind of framework that can handle the huge volume of Big Data and process it, whereas Big Data is just a large volume of data that can be in unstructured and structured data.
Big Data developers will just develop applications in Pig, Hive, Spark, Map Reduce, etc. whereas the Hadoop developers will be mainly responsible for the coding, which will be used to process the data.

How do I prepare for a Big Data Interview?

Know the essential tools and technologies We would say you need to update your skillset with the required technologies and tools. Following are the vital skills that you need to focus on for your big data interview preparation:
Statistics and Machine Learning Statistics is the fundamental need for the data science field. The use of statistics for crunching massive data sets is widespread. Hence it helps to know the basics of statistics like P-value, confidence intervals, the null hypothesis, and many more. Statistical tools like R are used widely in decision making and experiments. Moreover, machine learning is one of the critical skills of the big data ecosystem these days. The knowledge of random forests, nearest neighbors, ensemble methods can be helpful in the interview. These techniques have a useful implementation in Python, and their use and exposure will help you to develop expertise in data science.
Basic Programming It is beneficial to know the basic programming languages and Statistical programming languages like R, Python, and database languages like SQL. You shall have an advantage if you carry the experience of working in Java and other programming languages. Besides that, you must try to gain knowledge about dynamic programming if you don’t have such experience. Along with some basic programming, you should also carry the knowledge of data structures and algorithms. The runtime and use cases of data structures like Arrays, Stacks, Lists, Trees work helpful for the aspirants.

Data Visualization and Data Wrangling Tools of Data Visualization like ggplot help the data scientists a lot. The knowledge of these tools helps you to coordinate and understand the use of data in real applications. You should also know how to clean up data. Data Wrangling helps in the identification of corrupt data and how to delete or correct them. Hence the knowledge of data wrangling and data visualization tools will help you during your big data interview preparation.
Product Management The management of products requires the understanding of metrics related to the products. The data scientist must be product-oriented and hence knowledge of the right metrics to experiment and analyze is essential. The key terms like Retention rates, conversion rates, usability testing, customer feedback, A/B Testing, Traffic Analysis are often crucial from the viewpoint of the interview. Also, the knowledge and interest of tools like Storm, Flume, MongoDB are an added advantage.
Familiarity with Data The firms like Facebook, Amazon, Google, eBay have enormous data sets for analysis. The same is the case for social media sites and online retailers. Hence the recruiters look for engineers with experience with professional certifications or experience of working with the data giants. The industry recognizes many certifications offered by our institute If you are a fresher, it will be helpful if you carry these certifications.

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