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Apache Spark Training in Bangalore,Welcome to India’s leading Apache Spark Training Institute in Bangalore Expertise in the Field of Apache Spark Training since 2006. we’re Providing World-class Advanced Apache Spark Course with Our certified IT industry professionals. Apache Spark Training in Bangalore will Help you to learn the concepts of Scala, RDD, OOPS, Traits, Spark SQL and MLib enroll yourself at PrwaTech for the Best Certification course . This training course will help the participants to learn various concepts of large-scale data processing. This online course is a part of the Developer’s learning path.


Are you the one who is very hunger to learn the Apache Spark Technology from the scratch? The one who is keen to know how this technology works? Then you’re landed on the right place where you can enhance your skills in the field of Apache Spark with Our Advanced Best Apache Spark Training Institute in Bangalore. Boost your career growth by learning the most demanding technology i.e. Apache Spark from the industry-certified professionals of Best Apache Spark Training Institute in Bangalore. So then choose the best coaching center and get advanced course complete certification with 100% Job Assistance.


Best Center to Learn Apache Spark in Bangalore, Karnataka?


The top rated Apache Spark Training in Bangalore offers classroom training and online tutorial for busy people. In the present scenario, the global business uses Big Data and cloud computing as one of the prime forms of business intelligence, research, and analysis. The way Apache Spark is faster and accurate in computing makes it as preferred business software to work with. Today there is more need of Big Data scientist, business analyst and developers to do this computing job on cloud platform or cluster. The Apache Spark certification from the registered institute will help a candidate to find the top data analytic jobs.


What is Apache Spark?


Spark is a worldwide popular open-source clustercomputing framework developed by Apache Software Foundation. Hence, the name Apache Spark came along for its licensing and maintenance or updates.

  • Its latest version 2.1.0 was releasedin December 2016.
  • It is a software type of machine learning algorithms and data analytics.

The Apache Software Foundation released the Apache Spark in the year 2014, and till today it is the most used business software when comes to Big Data analysis. It has been recognized as top computing software. It has been rated many times as top rated computing software. It has received many awards for its recognition and usage all over the world.


Where to Get Trained in Apache Spark in Bangalore?


The Apache Spark Training in Bangalore is the rated center by young students, new job seekers and working professionals for its professionalism in conduction Apache Spark training and certification in Bangalore.

  • They keep qualified tutors from the relevant field of study.
  • They conduct lectures by inviting top working professionals in the Big Data computing domain.
  • They have excellent educational infrastructure such that its students get dedicated desktop with internet facility.
  • They provide live projects and case studies.
  • They provide Apache Spark course materials in printed form and soft form for the convenience of its students.
  • They offer great discounts for the candidates who join in live classroom training for Apache Spark.
  • They began the classes from morning 7-AM to 9-PM such that part time and working professionals can come and get trained from their institute.
  • They provide regular assignments for better revision.
  • Their certification on Apache Spark is valid and the best for getting placement in top-notch IT/software companies.
  • They provide free membership to participate in their students’ online forum, which enables you to know about the latest happening in Big Data analytics.

There are many Apache Spark Training in Bangalore, who offer Apache Spark certification program. However, you must select those centers only, which are trusted and have avast reputation in Bangalore. This you can check online from students’ review on various Spark tutorial centers. The registered Apache Spark Training in Bangalore is the best for college going students, new job seekers and existing working people for a job shift after certifying themselves with the registered center for Apache Spark training in Bangalore.

What is the Latest Spark Scala Course Curriculum?


In the present world, every business uses the Big Data computing as the main source of business intelligence. When comes to cloud computing, it needs faster access to data and to compute on multiple platforms. The Scala is widely used general-purpose programming language. When it complies with Spark, which is an open-source clustercomputing framework, the Big Data works get more efficient to visualize. The Apache Spark Scala Bangalore offers classroom and online tutorial at an affordable cost. After certifying in Apache Spark Scala, you are more eligible to take up Big Data Analytic jobs globally.


What Are the Prerequisite to Learn Apache Spark Scala?

There are many technical and IT/software institutes offering Apache Spark certification course as an offline and online tutorial. The latest courses are offered as Apache Spark for beginners, intermediate and as advanced course. However, there is a certain prerequisite required to learn Spark Scala from reputed institutes present in Bangalore.

  • Anyone with functional programming knowledge is eligible to do Apache Spark.
  • People with knowledge of object oriented programming language are eligible.
  • If you know Scala, Apache Spark is much simple to master.

Apart from the above prerequisite, the person must have interest for numbers and computing skills. The communication skill is also necessary to take up Data Analytic jobs in top rated companies.


The Latest Curriculum on Apache Spark Scala

The Apache Spark Scala Bangalore course curriculum may differ as per updates happening on Apache Spark and Scala. It is advisable to compare the course curriculum online and joining the Institute, who offer the latest curriculum. The below mentioned are some of the latest curricula which are offered for classroom study and online tutorials in Bagaluru-


Introduction to Apache Spark and Scala

  • You will learn basics of Scala
  • How to use Scala in Spark


Scala and OOPS

  • You will learn about Object oriented programming language
  • You will learn about Object-functional programming techniques


Introduction to Big Data and Apache Spark

  • You will learn what Big data is
  • You will come to know how Apache Spark is efficient in computing Big Data


Common Operation in Spark

  • You will learn how to manipulate Spark Shell in various operations


Resilient Distributed Dataset RDDs

  • You will learn about the basic building block of Spark


Spark Streaming and MLlib

  • You will learn about machine learning library and Spark Streaming


Spark SQL

  • You will learn about SQL queries


Project Work – Apache Spark Scala

  • You can take-up live Spark projects


The Apache Spark Training in Bangalore is the right place to learn this general-purpose programming language, which you can implement in any related projects while working in software/IT companies. The students and working people must check their qualification and computing skills before joining for Apache Spark Scala training cum certification program. After completing this course, you can get better placement and job assistance. The reputed Apache Spark training institute does provide placement assistance on course completion.

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Rs. 16000/-Enroll Now


Rs. 16000/-Enroll Now


Rs. 16000/-Enroll Now

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Upgrade Your Self with Apache Spark Training Institute in Bangalore!!!

The Bangalore IT market, broadly speaking the IT world currently, gets upgraded with ever-renewing technologies every moment. If one doesn’t have much experience of coding and doesn’t have a good hands-on scripting experience but still wants to make a mark in the technical career that too in the IT sector, Apache Spark Training in Bangalore is probably the place one needs to start at. Taking up professional Apache Spark Training in Bangalore is thus the best option to get to the depth of this language. If one doesn’t have much experience of coding and doesn’t have a good hands-on scripting experience but still wants to make a mark in the technical career that too in the IT sector, Apache Spark Training in Bangalore is probably the place one needs to start at. Taking up professional Apache Spark Training Institute in Bangalore is thus the best option to get to the depth of this language.


Modules of Apache Spark Training Institute in Bangalore


Module 1: Introduction

Learning Objective: In this module, we will learn about Big Data. How Big Data impacts in our social life &how it plays an important role to grow your business. How Hadoop is helpful in managing& processing Big Data. What is the drawback of Map Reduce and why Apache spark came into picture?



  • Big Data Problems
  • What is Hadoop?
  • Introduction to HDFS
  • Introduction to Map Reduce with Example.
  • What is problem with Map reduce?
  • What is Apache Spark?
  • Why Apache Spark?
  • Map Reduce vs. Apache Spark


Module 2: Apache Sparks Installation and its basics

Learning Objective: In this module, we will discuss about how to install and implement spark on your system and also we will learn about What RDD is, it’s creations and RDD operations.



  • Apache Spark installations in local machine.
  • Apache Spark conf and spark context.
  • RDD creations
  • Operations on RDD
  • RDD transformations functions
  • Operations on RDD
  • RDD transformation functions
  • Map & Flat Map difference
  • Actions on RDD
  • Persistence


Module 3: Introduction to Scala

Learning Objective: In this module, we will explore Scala programming language.



  • Why Scala?
  • Values
  • Variables
  • Basic oops concepts
  • Scala flow control
  • Functions
  • Anonymous Functions
  • Curried function
  • Classes
  • Constructor
  • Inheritance
  • Abstract Classes
  • Traits
  • Collections


Module 4: Spark Advance Operations

Learning Objectives: In this module, will learn about spark operations such as transformations and actions, what are shared variables and many more things.



  • Working with RDD key-value
  • RDD joins
  • Shared variables
  • Broadcast variables
  • Accumulators


Module 5: Apache Spark Architecture

Learning Objective: In this module, we will be learning a Spark Internals execution details, how actually spark works, spark’s execution flow and spark architecture.



  • Apache Spark Cluster Details
  • Apache Spark Standalone Mode cluster
  • Running Spark application in Standalone mode cluster
  • Summary of RDD sizes and memory usage.
  • Spark web UI.
  • Apache Spark internals
  • Apache Spark execution flow.
  • DAG: Logical graph of RDD operations
  • Tasks
  • Stages
  • Scheduler
  • Types of RDD transformations


Module 6: Spark SQL

Learning Objective: In this module, we will learn about SQL kind of operations in Spark.



  • SQL Context
  • Data Frame Creations
  • Creating temporary tables
  • Parquet tables
  • Loading and processing csv file
  • Loading and processing json file
  • Writing Data to local file system.


Module 7:  Spark Streaming

Learning Objective: In this module, we will cover few concepts of Spark streaming describe basic and advanced concepts, How stateless and stateful operations workand window, join operations.



  • What is streaming
  • Why streaming
  • Discretized Streams
  • Transformations on DStreams
  • Streaming Example


Module 8: Machine Learning using Spark

Learning Objective: Spark MLlib allows us to perform machine learning in Apache Spark. MLlib consists some popular algorithms and utilities. Learn why machine learning is required, different Machine Learning techniques/algorithms, and SparK MLlib.



  • What is Machine Learning?
  • Machine learning current use cases
  • Type of machine learning
  • Terminologies
  • Problem with traditional analytical tools
  • Supervised learning using Spark with example
  • Unsupervised learning using Spark with example



1.Does Prwatech provide Placement assistance?

Answer: Yes, we do have a 100% Placement assistance program with us whoever completes Apache Spark Training Institute in Bangalore with us can get it.

2.What are the types/ Modes of Training available?

Answer: Prwatech, Providing two modes of Training for those who are willing to join Apache Spark Training Institute in Bangalore i.e. Classroom Training mode & Online classes. So one can choose the best & comfortable option.

3.Do Prwatech Provide Course Certification?

Answer: Yes, We do provide the Apache Spark Course which helps to provide advanced certification to the candidates who all are the complete courses with us.

4.Do Prwatech Provide Video tutorials?

Answer: yes, we do have dedicated YouTube Channel where one can easily get all our Training videos easier.


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