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Prwatech No.1 in tableau training institutes in Bangalore, offering best Tableau course with our qualified industry certified experts. Our advanced Tableau course was specially designed for those who are keen to learn the tableau course from scratch to advanced level. Our certified professionals carrying more than 15+ years of industry experience who are worked for almost the top MNC companies around the Globe. Our certified professionals got very much deep understanding of providing a deep level understanding of Real-time Projects as a part of our Tableau Training curriculum.

Learn Tableau course under certified industry experts of best Tableau training institutes in Bangalore who can help you to understand the technology like a pro. Don’t just dream to become the certified tableau developer achieve it by taking advanced Tableau training in Bangalore. Are you the one:

Who is eagerly looking for the best Tableau training in Bangalore with certification?


Who if discovering the Tableau training institute in Bangalore?

Then Prwatech is an Ideal Option for you. Our best Training for Tableau offering Comprehensive advanced course modules for all the students who enrolled with us, so one can get an advanced Tableau certification course from certified industry professionals.


Best Tableau Training in Bangalore

Prwatech Advanced Tableau Certification Offers Decent packages to Those Learning enthusiasts who are keen to learn  Tableau in Bangalore under certified Industry Experts. So Step into one of our World Class Corporate Office from Bangalore, Pune & Get Enrolled today itself. Our Corporate Branches are available to all local Areas around Bangalore .So what are you waiting for? Are you? No Right? Then Enroll today on our best training institutes in Bangalore to be a certified Tableau Developer.


Why Tableau Tutoring @Prwatech,

We are India’s leading training institute for Tableau offering advanced Courses.One can get Access to our Advanced LMS system and Decidated Premium Youtube Channel access for free.

  • 100% Job Assurance
  • Wi-Fi Class Rooms
  • Get trained by the finest qualified professionals
  • 100% practical training
  • Flexible timings
  • Real-Time Projects
  • Resume Writing Preparation
  • Mock Tests & interviews
  • Access to Our Learning Management System Platform
  • Access to 1000+ Online Video Tutorials
  • Weekend and Weekdays batches
  • Affordable Fees
  • Complete course support
  • Guidance till you reaches your goal.

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Rs. 16000/-Enroll Now


Rs. 16000/- Enroll Now


Rs. 16000/- Enroll Now


Rs. 16000/- Enroll Now


What is Tableau Coaching?

Tableau is intelligent business software that provides access to a huge data collection in a compact manner. With visually appealing and interacting dashboards, Tableau helps to interpret business data effectively.


Who can Join Tableau Training Institute in Bangalore?

  • Working Professionals
  • Job Seekers
  • IT Employees

Why tableau Need?

Data visualization is the simple and yet powerful task of representing information through visual rendering. This allows universal and immediate insight into business growths, downfall, measures, etc. Worldwide, Tableau provides the opportunity for all business users from different streams to effectively represent their data with a visual approach.

Tableau Course Future

Analytical representation through visual rendering allows tableau to provide a competitive advantage to the company’s workforce. With Tableau, the approach towards operating and communicating on data is improvised. Tableau’s future in mobile analytics gives a vast leap forward in data interpretation and competitive business perspectives. This helps in empowering any organization to make better and fast business decisions.

What is Tableau?

Tableau is one of the most powerful and fastest-growing data visualization tools used in the Business Intelligence Industry. It helps in simplifying raw data in an easily understandable format.

Data analysis is very fast using Tableau and the visualizations created are in the form of dashboards and worksheets. The data that is created using Tableau can be understood by all levels of professionals in an organization. It even allows a non-technical user to create a customized dashboard. Tableau for some time been one of the most popular Business Intelligence and data visualization tools available. Why? Because, it’s quite simple, it’s a tool that’s responsive to the needs of modern businesses. But it’s much more effective when you know how to get what you want from it – it might make your business intelligent, but it is not going to make you intelligent.


Modules of Tableau Training in Bangalore


Module 1: Introduction to Business Intelligence and Tableau

  • Overview of BI
  • Overview of Tableau Environment
  • Putting it all together

Module 2: Data Connections

  • Getting to data from Tableau Desktop
  • Learning the basics of visualizing data
  • Visualizing business needs

Module 3. Transforming Data

  • Why transform data?
  • Data Blends
  •  Data Joins

Module 4. Calculations in Tableau

  • Data Aggregates
  • Calculation Wizards
  • Table Calculations
  • Customized Calculations

Module 5. Advanced Calculations

  • Strings
  • Floor and Ceiling
  • Dates

Module 6. Parameters and Filters

  • Basics of filtering
  • Basics of Parameters
  • Putting it all together

Module 7. Sorting

  • Ascending and Descending Order manually
  • Computes and Sorting
  • Nested Sorting

Module 8. Grouping Techniques and formatting

  • Sets
  • Combining Fields
  • Colors
  • Custom Colors
  • Highlighters

Module 9. Map Basics

  • Layers
  • Editing
  • Customizing

Module 10. Visualizations:

  • Understanding Charts
  • Text Charts
  • Visual Charts
  • Time Charts
  • Trend Charts

Module 11. Introduction to Dashboards

  • Designing
  • Actions
  • Stories

Module 12. Server Deployment:

  • What is the Tableau Server?
  • Working with Users
  • Working with Projects
  • Working with Groups
  • Publishing Data Sources
  • Publishing Visualizations
  • Securing Projects

Best Tableau Training In Bangalore


Leading Tableau Training For You


If you are looking for a place that will help you on your tableau skills in Bangalore, then do not look any further. We have got you covered.


Why Should You Join Our Program?


Of course, you are going to find thousands of programs offering to teach you Tableau. Naturally, the question is going to pop up in your head as to why you would join our program. There are several reasons for it. We not only offer you hands-on training. With our advanced tableau courses, you will not only get the course material but also access our dedicated premium YouTube channel free of cost and our advanced LMS system


Other than that, you will find that we provide practical training that will help you in the real world. Our classes are equipped with high-speed Wi-Fi, where you are going to get trained by professionals with years of experience. 

We also have flexible timing so that our students do not feel burdened. We want to make the learning as easy as possible, which is why we offer classes on weekdays and weekends. 


We also help you prepare your resume and offer 100% job assistance because we want you to succeed in life. Join our affordable program and be a master in Tableau. 


Join Us, Asap! 


What are you waiting for? Do not miss out on this lucrative opportunity to hone your skills. You will not find another place which offers you these many benefits at this price.


Download, install and open Tableau
Connect to sample data and review the Tableau interface
“Show Me” Tableau in action
Categorically clear views

Save time with the Tableau toolbar
When tables trump graphs
Insightful maps
View shifting—the underrated histogram and flexible bins
Exporting results to share your insights

Tables—an eye for detail
Text tables
Highlight tables
Heat maps
Bar Charts—five flavors to meet your needs
Horizontal bars
Stacked bars
Side-by-side bars
Bullet graphs
Line Charts—display what happened over time
Lines (continuous)
Lines (discrete)
Pie Charts—a common go-to view (use at your own risk!)

Scatter Plots—explore relationships
Circle Plots—go beyond bar charts
Circle views
Side-by-side circles
Maps—great for location data
Symbol maps
Filled maps
Area Charts—track multiple groups over time
Area charts (continuous)
Area charts (discrete)
Dual Charts—compare two measures on two vertical axes
Dual lines
Dual combination
Dual points
Gantt Chart — track activity over time

HQL and Hive with Analytics

Customize views using the Columns, Rows, Pages and Filters Shelves
Enhance your visual appeal with the Marks card
1. Label
2. Text
3. Color
4. Size
5. Shape
6. Level of Detail
The Summary Card—handy description of your data
Headers and Axes
Titles, Captions, Field Labels and Legends
Format values in your views

Sort views for quick comparison
Filter views to find the right information
Aggregations for measures—sums, averages and more
Use percentages to find the right ratios
Spotlight your view to emphasize important values
Add totals and subtotals
Create a motion chart after connecting to a new data source

Quick Table Calculations
Custom Table Calculations using data in your views
Reference Lines, Bands and Distributions
Model your data with Trend Lines

Data items: names, types, roles, properties, attributes and hierarchies
View Data to see the data behind your view
Bins to divide numeric data items
Group dimensions into categories
The power of sets to combine and filter your views

Calculated Fields, Functions, and Parameters
Calculated Fields — power to answer your difficult questions
Calculated Field Operators
Numeric Functions (Singular)
Character Functions (Modify Items)
Character Functions (Locate Values in String)
Date Functions
Type Conversion Functions
Logical Functions (If, Then, Else)
Aggregate Functions
Table Calculation Functions
Parameters add additional control for your analysis

Tableau is an industry-leading tool for business intelligence tool focused on data visualization, dashboarding and data discovery. Prwatech has always been known for understanding the market gap and come up with courses that are in alignment with the industry need. As Tableau is one of the most used software in the world of data, it is smart to learn the data. At Prwatech you will get a complete understanding of how to use the tool plus its practical implications. The course curriculum includes topics like basics of Tableau, understanding the basic view, data management, advanced data management application of Tableau and many more. On completion of the course, you would be ready to work professionally on Tableau.

Prwatech offers various modes of training, from classroom to online (self-learning and instructor-led). We understand that each student is different so does his needs. Therefore, we believe in teaching with different modes so that each student can start his learning journey on his own. With the various modes of study, a student can select which fits best to him. In case of query, our team of experts is always available for help.

Prwatech is always there for its students. With our 24/7 contact support helpline, you can raise any query at any point in time. An email support will be provided for your queries. The added benefit is that this support is not just limited to your course time. It’s a lifetime support i.e. even after your course completion you can ask for support.

Tableau is data visualization software that helps you understand your data better. There isn’t any pre-requisite for this course. The only requirement is you quest towards learning Tableau.

As the part of your training outline, you will be given live cases that are to be solved using Tableau. The cases would have a wide variety each from different verticals of the industry. This will help you to understand the data that you would be analyzed as a part of your job.Thus helping you build a better and comprehensive understanding of Tableau.

Yes, We Prwatech do provide placement assistance irrespective of your course and mode of training abclocksmiths. We understand the industry need and help in preparing our students for the interview and the job. Plus we have a tie-up with more than 80 organizations across different verticals.

INR  16000

35 Hours
Practical 40 Hours
15 Seats
Course Badge
Course Certificate

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