Benefits of learning Hadoop – From advantages to opportunities!!!

Hadoop training in bangalore is an extensive platform for managing data in a cost-effective manner. A secure environment is created by Hadoop to access the data in the most time effective fashion. Data irrelevance is common these days as the volume of data keeps on rising. Therefore it becomes mandatory to have a timeless solution for such problems which is rendered by Big data and  Hadoop training

Hadoop training in bangalore

Hadoop training in bangalore


  • “Scalability” as the word says, the ability of managing huge data, by potentially getting enlarged for the purpose of accommodating the growth.
  • Hadoop is amongst the most scalable platforms for storage, as it has the capabilities of distributing huge sets of data across multiple parallel servers.
  • As compared to the traditional RDBMSs (Traditional Relational Database Systems) which doesn’t possess the quality of scaling large volumes of data.
  • Hadoop consists of thousands of nodes which is used to run thousands of terabytes of a business enterprise.

Cost Effective:

  • Since the data sets of business enterprises tends to explode, therefore Hadoop provides an ultimate solution for effective storage for large volumes.
  • Since the traditional RDBMS makes it extremely exorbitant for the companies to scale their data therefore Hadoop is a cost effective solution to kick out the pricey factor from the modern scalability of data.
  • For the traditional systems, the companies have to sometimes limit their data by down-sampling it, however, this is not the case with Hadoop.
  • To maintain the expenditure for data management, companies used to delete their old and raw data. This method can’t prove itself helpful, as in case the company regenerates its work from the beginning, they won’t be having the essential data which existed.
  • This would lead to the company to spend more than what was needed, which makes Hadoop a top priority for organizations.
  • Since Hadoop consists of storage capabilities which can store around hundreds of pounds per Terabyte, therefore it can be used as a reliable storage source for the bulky data to be used in the future.


  • Hadoop supports both structured and unstructured data therefore it has made the organizations to have an easy access of various data sources, by simply switching various data types.
  • The valuable business acumens from various sources like clickstream data, social media or email conversations can be easily derived using Hadoop.
  • Hadoop also helps in Data warehousing, Log processing, market campaign analysis, recommendation systems and fraud detection.


  • The data on Hadoop is distributed on a file system in cluster which are known as “Maps”.
  • A distributed file system is a distinctive storage feature, which is found exclusively on Hadoop.
  • The faster processing done through the same servers where the data is processed.
  • Even the unstructured data in Hadoop is processed at a rate of a few terabytes in minutes.

Fault tolerance:

  • Hadoop and big data certification is highly Resilient to failures.
  • Because of Hadoop’s high fault tolerance rate, it is considered to be the best choice for huge organizations to safeguard their data.
  • In Hadoop the data is transferred to individual nodes, where the replication of data to other nodes takes place.
  • In simple words we can say that multiple copies of the data would be available to us in case a failure strikes the system.
  • Another advantage of Hadoop is that, high protection is available for both Single and Multiple failures.

Hadoop applications:

  • For Hadoop, data is considered to be of top priority therefore wastage of data is highly avoided, as the user is free to frame questions, also the facility of revealing answers to standards problems is also given. Clearly data is utilized to the fullest!
  • Hadoop’s work architecture focuses on producing complete sets of data instead of creating data samples for the purpose of analysis.
  • The complete sets help to make deep analyses and come up with amazing solutions.

Career opportunities:

  • Since the IT industry is growing day by day, therefore it is calculated that 90% of the organizations work with big data.
  • Therefore it is clear that in the future when the demand for IT professionals would rise, Hadoop would be the having the lion’s share of job opportunities.
  • Since critical skills are required for data harnessing therefore the strategy development and competitive plans are all played by Hadoop.
  • Under such circumstances there would be a higher chance of getting a more handsome pay scale under this profession.

Big Salary Packages:

  • Since Data is an important element of any business’s functioning, therefore the need for professionals for processing the data and timely access would be needed.
  • Therefore any company would pay a handsome amount to those who expertise in the fields of data management with Hadoop.
  • Already a few IT companies are paying the IT professionals a high package with competitive skills in languages related to Big-Data.

So these were the benefits of learning Hadoop, we hope you liked them.!!!