Hadoop-Hive script with Oozie

  • date 20th April, 2019 |
  • by Prwatech |

♦ Create a dataset

♦ Start hive on terminal

♦ After open hive Create Database cricket_team Go to cricket_team and create table ind_player



♦ Create table ind_player

♦ Load data into the table ind_player

♦ Write a hive script and then save it as .hql extension

♦ Save the .hql file in HDFS

♦ Go to hive/conf and copy hive-site.xml in HDFS


♦ Go to oozie dashboard

Go to  Hue→ workflow→editors→workflow→create

♦ Drag Hive in “Drop your action here

♦ Put the Script file and Hive XML file path and click on save.

♦ Then submit

♦ Save and Run

♦ After Successful run, you will get this type of screen

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