Linux Basic Commands:

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Linux Basic Commands:


1. pwd command

Finds the Path of current working directory

2. cd command

To navigate the files in linux

3. ls command

To view the contents of all directory

4. cat command

Lists the content of the files.

5. cp command

Used to copy the files from one directory to another directory

6. mv command

It is used to move the files.

7. mkdir command

To create a directory

8. rmdir command

To remove or delete a directory

9. rm command

To delete a directory — use rm -r

10. find command

To find or locate a file.

11. grep command

To search and see through all the text files.

12. sudo command

Enables to perform the task which requires root permission

13. df command

To see the report of disk usage system.  df -m.

14. tar command

To untar a files whch was in zip format.

15. chmod command

chmod is used to change the read, write, and permissions of files

16. wget command

To install any linux files through a http address.




17. echo command

To move data in the text file.  echo Hello, Prwatech >> name.txt

18. sudo apt-get update

Helps to keep the files and packages up to date.

19. sudo apt-get upgrade

Helps to upgrade a package to a latest upgraded changes

20. sudo apt-get install

It is used to install a specific file or package in Linux

21. sudo apt-get remove

To uninstall or remove a file or a package.

22.  dir

used to display the list of all directories or folder.

23. clear

To clear the screen of Terminal.

24. whereis

Helps to locate or find a specific file. command 

Display summary information of a command.

26command –help

help Display short summary information

27. info

Display detailed manual of a command.

28. locate pattern 

Search and print files and folders


List block devices.

30. df -H 

Report file system disk space usage.


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