What is Linux?

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It is OS, its is multitasking , multiuser which connects one path to anther path. 

  1. Differences  between Linux and Windows?  
Linux  windows 
Multi user OS                                                           Single user OS 
It is both command line interface and               

Graphical user interface  

only graphical interface 
Not user friendly(Need coding knowledge)  user friendly in nature 
More secured  compared when it is compare with other OS  Less secure 
Its is used as server                                                 It is used as client side 


  1. Linux architecture:- 




There are two layers between user and hardware 

outer layer is User and inner most layer is Hardware 

  1. SHELL : 

It is interface between kernel and user. It is also Known as command line interpreter. Gets  a request from user and pass to the request to kernel. 

[User = The programmer] 


  1. KERNEL : 

It is interface between Hardware and shell.  It will provide service to the Hardware to access the file to open, read , write, create and updating record. It will enhance the security by validating user request. It is kind of manger which will handle execution, changing of ownership and killing of the processes. 

[Hardware = it is the innermost layer] 



  1. Difference between Compiler and Interpreter:-                            
Compiler  Interpreter 
It runs whole program in one-shot  It runs one by one 
Machine dependent  It is faster than Compiler 


  1. File system in Linux: 
Directory  Description 
/(root file system)  It contains all of the databases or folders  or files. 
/bin  User executable files. 
/boot  To boot Linux computer 
/dev  This is the directory contains the device files for every hardware device attached to the system. 
/etc  Local system configuration file for the host computer  
/home  Each user has a subdirectory in /home 
/lib  Contains shared library files that are required to boot the system 
/media  A place to mount external removable device such as USB that may be connected to the host 
/mnt  It’s a temporary mount point for a system while admin is working or repairing file system 
/opt  Optional files such as vendor supplied application programs should be located here  
/root  This is home directory for the root user 
/sbin  These are binary files and executable used for system administration 
/tmp  It is used to store temporary files 
/user  These are shareable , read only files, including executable binaries and libraries, man files and other documentation. 
/var  Variable data files are stored here like MySQL, webserver date file etc. 

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