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Python Numbers tutorial

Python Numbers tutorial, In this tutorial, we will learn Numbers Data type in Python and how to use numbers in Python. Here, You will also learn various types of Python numbers which are helpful for any Python developers. Are you looking for the information of Python Numbers guide or Are you dreaming to become to certified Pro Python Developer, then stop just dreaming, get your Python certification course from India’s Leading Python training institute.

In Python Programming, the Number data type is used to store the numeric values. If a variable in Python includes numeric values, the data type of that variable will be one of the number data type in Python which are mentioned below. Do you want to know types of Python numbers and how to use numbers in Python, then just follow the below mentioned Python Numbers tutorial for Beginners from Prwatech and take advanced Python training like a Pro from today itself under 10+ years of hands-on experienced Professionals.


Types of Python Numbers

Python supports three numeric types in Python



These are whole numbers, positive or negative, without any decimals, of infinite length.

Ex)    w=10



These are numbers, positive or negative, containing one or more decimals.

Ex)    q=14.942



These are the numbers that contain one Real and One Imaginary number.

Ex) 12+5j

To identify the type of any variable in Python, use the type() function:

Ex)    x = 122



Type Conversion

You can convert from one type to another with the following methods

int(): Used to convert the number into integer.


Ex 1) x =2.6

z= int(x)

y= 5+6j


float() : Used to convert a number into floating-point number.


Ex 2) x =2

z= float(x)

y= 5+6j




Ex 3) x =2.6

z= complex(x)

y= 5+6j


str() – constructs a string from a wide variety of data types, including integer

literals and float literals.


Ex 4) x =2.6

z= str(x)

y= 5+6j





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