Tableau Introduction Tutorial

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Tableau Introduction Tutorial


Tableau Introduction Tutorial, The first word that comes to every mind when we talk about Data Visualization is Tableau. It connects almost to any data source like data warehouse, excel and database. Are you looking for the information of tableau features and benefits under tableau course? Or the one who is casually glancing for the best platform which is providing information on difference between tableau and excel? Then you’ve landed on the Right Platform which is packed with tons of tutorials on introduction of tableau. Follow the below mentioned Tableau Introduction tutorial for Beginners which were originally designed by the world-class Trainers of Tableau Training institute Professionals.


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Introduction of Tableau


The answer to graphical representations of data in today’s business intelligence industry is TABLEAU. It is a data visualisation software that enables professionals and students to integrate data from varied sources into visualisations. It is the medium that transforms data into insights that drive action. Tableau provides solutions across different domains of industries and data environments. It is widely used by most of the Fortune Global 500 list of companies to draw meaningful insights from their data.


Tableau Features and Benefits


User Friendly Tool: It is one of the strengths of Tableau. It does not need high coding skills. It’s ‘Drag and Drop’ functions facilitate the user to create visualisations and draw insights from the data with great ease.


Visualisations: It helps the user to explore and analyse data by using tools like colours, labels, trend lines, charts and graphs. The in-built visualisation functions amalgamated with the customised ones make the insights stand out of the crowd.


Data Blending Techniques: It helps in blending different forms of data from different sources in real time with cost effectiveness. It helps in connecting to a variety of data sources, data warehouse and files which exist in cloud, big data, non – relational data and alike.


Valuable Insights: It helps to explore visualisations and analyse the same data from different angles. Data can be analysed without any prior goals in mind. Framing of  ‘what if’ queries and working with data by hypothetically visualising it in a different manner and dynamically adding components helps in the comparison and analysis at a great extent.


Security Concerns: Tableau comes with strong security protocols.


Centralised Data: It provides a central location to manage the organisation’s data sources. Data can be deleted; permissions can be changed including tags and management of schedules in one convenient location.


Big Data: It can handle large amount of data with speed and efficiency.


Difference Between Tableau and Excel


Treatment: Tableau provides awe – inspiring pictorial and graphical representations of data. On the contrary, data first need to be represented in tabular format and only then visualisation techniques can be applied to it.


Intuition: Tableau enables playing with interactive visualisations, deployment of data drilling tools, exploration of various available data without any prior knowledge of the insights to be drawn. Whereas, when it comes to Excel, prior knowledge of the insight and tabulation as well are needed.


Ease: Tableau is an easy and interactive approach and on the other hand, Excel would need some programming to come up with real – time visualisation of data.


In the course, the concept of data visualisation would be exposed and how to use it for the better understanding of data.Also, the preparation and importing of data into Tableau and explaining the relationship between data visualisation and data analytics would be covered. Prior analytical and technical experience is not required. The course would guide to create visualisation, dashboards and stories from the data and then drawing insights for better analysis of data.


We hope you understand Tableau Introduction tutorial for beginners. Get success in your career as a Tableau developer by being a part of the Prwatech, India’s leading Tableau training institute in Bangalore.







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