Virtual Machine vs Containers & ACI vs AKS

  • date 14th March, 2024 |
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Azure Container Instances (ACI) vs Azure Kubernetes Services



  1. ACI is a service that lets you deploy containers on Azure without having to
  2. maintain or patch the environment.
  3. Basic web applications, DevTest scenarios, and batch processing are all supported by ACI.
  4. When you just need to run a few containers, it's a perfect option.
  5. Limited scalability and low availability
  6. Managed environment
  7. Only pay for containers
  8. Deployment is also easy.


  1. Alternatively, for more complex container designs where you require additional control over the health and performance of your containers, you may utilize Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).
  2. You can coordinate the deployment, update, and management operations for all of your containers using AKS.
  3. If you need to operate tens, hundreds, or even thousands of containers, the AKS Open source project could be a good fit.
  4. It's one tool in a class of tools called container orchestrators.
  5. Azure's container management system
  6. Scale your application to meet demands by adding and removing container instances
  7. Monitor the deployed containers and resolve any issues that may come
  8. Groups of containers are called Pods
  9. Virtual machines are called Nodes
  10. Azure Container Registry pull

Virtual Machine vs Containers

  1. The virtual machine contains a full copy of an operating system
  2. Virtual machine virtualizes the underlying hardware, meaning the CPU, memory, and storage
  3. Containers, on the other hand, virtualize the operating system.
  4. Containers are smaller in size than a virtual machine and quicker to spin up because you're only waiting for the app to launch, not the
  5. operating system.

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