Oozie – Introduction

  • date 31st March, 2021 |
  • by Prwatech |

Apache Oozie is a Java Web application which is utilized to plan or we can say to schedule Apache Hadoop occupations.

Oozie likewise consolidates various positions consecutively into one sensible unit of work.

It is coordinated with the Hadoop stack, with YARN as its structural focus, and supports Hadoop occupations for Apache Map Reduce, Apache Pig, Apache Hive, and Apache Sqoop.

There are two types of Oozie occupations:

Oozie Workflow: occupations are Directed Acyclical Graphs (DAGs), indicating a grouping of activities to execute.

Oozie Coordinator: occupations are intermittent Oozie Workflow occupations that are set off by time and information accessibility.

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