Scala – Introduction

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Scala Introduction - Tutorial

is a broadly useful, significant level, multi-worldview programming language. It is a programming language of pure object-oriented which likewise offers help to the functional programming approach. Scala projects can change over to bytecodes and can run on the JVM (Java Virtual Machine). Scala represents Scalable language. It likewise provides Javascript runtimes. Scala is profoundly impacted by Java and some other programming languages like Lisp, Haskell, Pizza and so on

why Scala ?

Simple to Start: Scala is a general language so it is nearer to other famous programming dialects like Java, C, C++. In this manner it turns out to be extremely simple to learn Scala for anybody. For Java developers, Scala is all the more simple to learn.

Contains best Features: Scala contains the highlights of various programming languages like C, C++, Java and so on which makes the it more valuable, adaptable and profitable.

Close to Java: The source code of the Scala is planned so that its compiler can decipher the Java classes. Additionally, Its compiler can use the systems, Java Libraries, and apparatuses and so on After gathering, Scala projects can run on JVM.

Web – Based and Desktop Application Development: For the web applications it offers the help by accumulating to JavaScript. Additionally for desktop applications, it can be very nicely compiled to JVM bytecode.

Utilized by Big Companies: Most of the famous organizations like Apple, Twitter, Walmart, Google and so forth move their greater part of codes to Scala from some different languages. reason being a high scalability and can be utilized in backend activities.

In Scala, a basic program consists of the following:


b) Main Method


Scala Introduction - Tutorial

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