Hadoop Single Node Installation Guide

Hadoop Single Node Installation Guide

Hadoop Single Node Installation Guide
Step1: Go to below link and download Ubuntu 12.04,
www.prwatech.in/online-support and unzip ubuntu .
Step 2: Open VMPlayer and click on Open a virtual Machine.

Step3: Set the path of ubuntu in vm from your system , where you are extracted the ubuntu.After select the ubuntu .vmx file and click ok.

Step4: Click on Play Virtual Machine.

Step5: After click on paly virtual machine you will get below screen and next click on dashboard.

Step6:After Click on Dashboard type terminal then you see the Terminal then Open that Terminal.

Step7: Update the repository
Command : sudo apt-get update
If it asking for password is password
Username is username

Once the Update is complete.
Step8: Install java use below command.
Command : sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jdk

Step9: Install openssh -server by using below command
Command : sudo apt-get install openssh-server
(Use of this ssh is we no need to give the password for every time when we start or stop the nodes)

Step10: Download hadoop-1.2.0.tar.gz from below link.
www.prwatech.in/online-support and extract by using below command.
Command : tar -xvf hadoop-1.2.0.tar.gz

Step11: Edit core-site.xml
Use below command
Command : sudo gedit hadoop-1.2.0/conf/core-site.xml

Step12: Edit hdfs-site.xml
Use below command for open file
Command: sudo gedit hadoop-1.2.0/conf/hdfs-site.xml

In this You can add dfs.replication 1 dfs.permissions false

Step13: Edit mapred-site.xml
Use below command to open this file
Command : sudo gedit hadoop-1.2.0/conf/mapred-site.xml

This file you can add:
For job Tracker localhost address is 8021 mapred.job.tracker

First you make one directory
By using this command
Command : sudo mkdir hadoop

After that move hadoop-1.2.0 to hadoop directory
Use below command
Command: sudo mv hadoop-1.2.0 /usr/lib/hadoop

Open bashrc by using below command
Command : sudo gedit .bashrc
Set the path for JAVA_HOME and HADOOP_HOME in bashrc

Step14:Get your IP address
Command : ifconfig

Moving the key to authorized key :
Use below command
Command : $HOME/.ssh/id_rsa.pub>>$HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys

Add JAVA_HOME in hadoop-env.sh file
For open the file use below command
Command:sudo gedit hadoop-1.2.0/conf/hadoop-env.sh

In hadoop-env.sh file you need to set the java path uncomment the export and add the java path