How to Run Hive Script

How to Run Hive Script

How to run the hive script :

Hive Scripting
Similar to any other scripting language, Hive scripts are used to execute a set of Hive commands collectively. Hive scripting helps us to reduce the time and effort invested in writing and executing the individual commands manually. Hive scripting is supported in Hive 0.10.0 or higher versions of Hive. To write and execute a Hive script.

Steps to Execute Hive Script
Step 1:create input fiel as input.txt.
Step 2:writing a hive script file as sample.sql.
Step3:sample.sql I stored manual commands

Hive script included all all steps
1.create table student.
2.describe student table.
3.load data into student table using input.txt
4.display all information of student table
Select * from student;

Create Input File

create Hive script file

Execute Hive Script file

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