The Benefits Of Choosing R As Your Programming Language

R being an important programming language for the improvement of machine learning spaces and numeric analysis proves to be very vital in the world of programming. With the production of data, even the popularity of the programming language to maintain the same is also increasing. What is making R such a precious and versatile language in the era of programming? Let’s have a look.

Open Source Code And Free: As R programming is available under open source license, anyone can download it and hence can modify its code. We can call this liberty as “free as in speech.” This makes the R programming language completely free of cost which is can be referred as “free as in beer.” In simpler terms this means one can download and even can use R at no cost.



The next one is the liberty to access and modify the source code. This means that anyone can change and improve the code as per their need. This has made many of the smart programmers to craft and advanced the same, so as to make R a very reliable and stable language to be used.

Runs Anywhere: The Team that has contributed towards the development of R have made it able to run on different types of software and hardware. R is available for Unix systems like Linux, Mac and also for Windows.

Supports Extensions: R programming language is the one that can perform a sound range of functions like statistical modelling, data manipulation, and graphics. This makes R’s extensibility its biggest advantage. This extensibility serves the developers to write their individual software and distributes the same like add-on packages.

Connects with other languages: As R gained the popularity towards analysis, many developers started linking it with other older languages to ease up their database and record system and hence made it the running incorporation with numerous languages.

Primarily, most of the R programming based on C and Fortran, with the fame of R many of the popular languages like Java, C++, Python etc got connected with R.


All these benefits have made R a very popular and highly used programming language in the modern world.


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