Top 10 companies hiring Hadoop developers in india

Top 10 companies hiring Hadoop developers in India

Are you a student/ Graduate/Working professional? Looking out for a Top 10 companies hiring Hadoop developers in India, then you are in the right place!

Top 10 companies hiring Hadoop developers in india

You can access the complete list of Hadoop companies in India for hiring Hadoop developers

Top 10 companies hiring Hadoop developers in India

Amazon: Amazon Elastic MapReduce provides a managed, easy to use analytics platform built around the powerful Hadoop framework. Focus on your map/reduce queries and take advantage of the broad ecosystem of Hadoop tools, while deploying to a high scale, secure infrastructure platform.


Adobe: Adobe is a computer software company and is among the world’s top companies using Apache Hadoop and Apache HBase for their data storage and several other social services. It has 30 nodes in its cluster and planning to deploy a new venture on 80 nodes cluster.


IBM: IBM InfoSphere BigInsights makes it simpler for people to use Hadoop and build big data applications. It enhances this open-source technology to withstand the demands of your enterprise, adding administrative, discovery, development, provisioning, and security features, along with best-in-class analytical capabilities from IBM Research. The result is that you get a more developer and user-friendly solution for complex, large scale analytics.


Alibaba: Alibaba is a Chinese e-commerce company that provides various sales services and other services such as electronic payment, shopping search engines, and cloud computing. It has 15 nodes each having 8 cores, 1.4 T storage, and 16 GB RAM.


Pivotal: Pivotal Introduces World’s Most Powerful Hadoop Distribution: Pivotal HD. Unlocks Hadoop as Key to Big Data’s Transformational Potential for Data-Driven Enterprises; Delivers Over 100X Performance Improvement with HAWQ.


eBay: It is a multinational e-commerce company that provides online shopping facilities. eBay uses MapReduce, Apache Hive, Apache Pig, Apache HBase for Search Optimization and other related researchers. It has 532 nodes cluster having 4256 cores and 5.3 Petabyte storage.

Cloudera: Cloudera develops open-source software for a world dependent on Big Data. With Cloudera, businesses and other organizations can now interact with the world’s largest data sets at the speed of thought — and ask bigger questions in the pursuit of discovering something incredible.


American Express: The American Express Company is using big data to analyze and predict consumer behavior. By looking at historical transactions and incorporating more than 100 variables, the company employs sophisticated predictive models in place of traditional business intelligence-based hindsight reporting. This allows a more accurate forecast of potential churn and customer loyalty. In fact, American Express has claimed that, in their Australian market, they are able to predict 24% of accounts that will close within four months.


 Hortonworks: At Hortonworks, we believe that Hadoop is an enterprise viable data platform and that the most effective path to its delivery is within the open community. To this end, we build, distribute and support a 100% open source distribution of Apache Hadoop that is truly enterprise-grade and follow these three key principles:  “identify and introduce enterprise requirements into the public domain, work with the community to advance and incubate open source projects, and apply Enterprise Rigor to deliver the most stable and reliable distribution”.


Miniclip: Miniclip, who develops, publish and distributes digital games globally, uses big data to monitor and improve user experience. Due to the nature of the company and sector, customer retention is a priority for Miniclip in order to make games more profitable and, therefore, to support business growth. Big data reporting, analysis, experimentation, and machine learning data products allow the company to measure the successful elements of their products and implement them in future ventures, while also eliminating or improving the problematic components.


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