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Why do we need Cloud Computing?



Datacenter in the past





  1. High upfront cost
  2. Monthly expense even if not using
  3. Difficult Scaling
  4. Maintenance


Virtual Machine Virtual Machine Virtual Machine
Application Application Application
Operating System Operating System Operating system hardware
Hardware (CPU, Memory, Disk) Hardware (CPU, Memory, Disk) Hardware (CPU, Memory, Disk)

Hardware (CPU, Memory, Disk)


Introduction Cloud Computing



  1. Pay only what you use
  2. No plant maintenance
  3. Scaling



  1. Pay only what you use
  2. No Maintenance
  3. Scaling – Expand storage or compute power


What is Cloud Computing?


  1. Cloud computing means Internet-based Computing
  2. Renting IT Resources
  3. So, in simple terms, Cloud computing is on-demand resources delivered to you over the internet.
  4. Cloud Providers – Microsoft, AWS, Google
  5. Example – Gmail, Netflix, Dropbox
  6. Same resources shared by multiple clients



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