How to Install and Run Python on Windows

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How to Install and Run Python on Windows


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Visit the link to download the latest release of Python. In this process, we will install Python 3.6.7 on our Windows operating system.

Python installation on Windows, Ubuntu, and Mac

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Double-click the executable file which is download; the following window will open. Select Customize installation and proceed.

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The following window shows all the optional features. All the features need to be installed and are checked by default; we need to click next to continue.

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The following window shows a list of advanced options. Check all the options which you want to install and click next. Here, we must notice that the first check-box (install for all users) must be check.

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Now, we are ready to install python-3.6.7. Let’s install it.

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Now, try to run python on the command prompt. Type the command python. It will show an error as given in the below image. It is because we haven’t set the path.

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To set the path of python, we need to the right click on “my computer” and go to Properties → Advanced → Environment Variables.

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Add the new path variable in the user variable section.

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Type PATH as the variable name and set the path to the installation directory of the python shown in the below image.

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Now, the path is set, we are ready to run python on our local system. Restart cmd, and type python again. It will open the python interpreter shell where we can execute the python statements.

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We hope you understood the Python installation Guide on windows, ubuntu, and mac. Become a certified expert in Python language by getting enrolled from Prwatech E-learning India’s leading advanced Python training institute in Bangalore.

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