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Python Operators Tutorial


Python Operators Tutorial, In this tutorial, we will learn Operators in Python and how to use Operators in Python programming language. Here, You will also learn various types of Operators in Python programming language which are helpful for any Python developers. Are you looking for the information of Python Operators guide or Are you dreaming to become to certified Pro Python Developer, then stop just dreaming, get your Python certification course from India’s Leading Python training institute.


In Python Programming Language, there are a set of special symbols that perform various functions such as Arithmetic operators, Logical operators, Comparison operators, and many more which are known as Python Operators. There is a unique kind of Operations for every symbol or operator. Operands are the values on which the operators are used to perform their respective operations. Do you want to know the types of Python Operators and how to use operators in Python, then just follow the below mentioned Python Operators guide from Prwatech and take advanced Python training like a Pro from today itself under 10+ years of hands-on experienced professionals?


Types of Operators in Python Programming Language


Operators in Python programming language are used to performing operations between two variables.

Python divides the operators into the following groups:




Arithmetic operators in Python


//Floor division20//36

Assignment operators in Python



Logical operators in Python


andReturns true if both variables are truex and 0False
orReturns true if either of the one variables is truex or 0True
notReturns opposite result of variablenot(x or y)False

Comparison operators in Python


!=Not Equalx!=yTrue
>Greater Thanx>yFalse
<Less Thanx<yTrue
>=Greater Than Equal Tox>=20True
<=Less Than Equal Tox<=yFalse

Identity operators in Python

operator in python

isReturns true if both variables are the same objectx is yFalse
is notReturns true if both variables are not the same objectx is not yTrue


Membership operators in Python


inReturns True if a sequence with the specified value is present in the objectx in yFalse
not inReturns True if a sequence with the specified value is not present in the objectx  not in yTrue

Bitwise operators in Python


&ANDSets each bit to 1 if both bits are 1
|ORSets each bit to 1 if one of two bits is 1
^XORSets each bit to 1 if only one of two bits is 1
~NORInverts all the bits
<<Zero files left shiftShift left by pushing zeros in from the right and let the leftmost bits fall off
>>Signed right shiftShift right by pushing copies of the leftmost bit in from the left, and let the rightmost bits fall off


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