Python Certification Course in Bangalore


Prwatech offers Python Certification Course in Bangalore and we are India’s Leading E-Learning Platform to make your Python developer dream job comes true with our professional certification course. Doesn’t just dream to become a certified Pro Python Developer achieve it with India’s leading python certification course. Our python Course providing advanced hands-on real-time projects which help to handle any type of Projects in real time without any flaws. In brief, Our Advanced python course in Bangalore packed with best in Industry certified professionals who have more than 20+ python industry experience who can provide real-time experience as per the current industry needs.

Are you the one who is very hunger to learn the Python language from scratch? The one who is keen to know how this technology works? Then you’re landed on the right place where you can enhance your skills in the field of Python with Our advanced python course in Bangalore. Boost your career growth by learning the most demanding technology i.e. Python from the industry-certified professionals of best python certification course in Bangalore. So then choose the best coaching center and get advanced course complete certification with 100% Job Assistance.

Best python certification course in Bangalore

Looking for best python certification course in Bangalore, step into our advanced Python course today itself and get the Advantage of our pro certification course. Our Python trainers will guide you to learn the course from Scratch to Advanced Level as a part of Prwatech python course in Bangalore. Our certification course Programs includes certain activities includes project exploration, hands-on experience on real-time projects, as a result, anyone can easily understand all the modules of python language Easily.

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Rs. 16000/-Enroll Now


Rs. 16000/-Enroll Now


Rs. 16000/-Enroll Now


Rs. 16000/-Enroll Now

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Upgrade Your Self with python certification course!!!

The Bangalore IT market, broadly speaking the IT world currently, gets upgraded with ever-renewing technologies every moment. If one doesn’t have much experience of coding and doesn’t have a good hands-on scripting experience but still wants to make a mark in the technical career that too in the IT sector, python certification course in bangalore is probably the place one needs to start at. Taking up professional python certification course is thus the best option to get to the depth of this language. If one doesn’t have much experience of coding and doesn’t have a good hands-on scripting experience but still wants to make a mark in the technical career that too in the IT sector, python certification is probably the place one needs to start at. Taking up professional Course is thus the best option to get to the depth of this language.


Modules of python certification course


Module 1: Getting started with Python programming

  • Introduction to Python
  • Python features
  • Scope of python
  • Python products
  • Python in today’s context
  • Python Download, Installation and Environment Setup
  • First python program execution “Hello World”
  • The world of programming
  • Python programming syntax


Module 2: Variables, keywords and Operators

  • Variables
  • Memory mapping of variables
  • Application memory
  • Variable nomenclature
  • Properties and scope of variables
  • Keywords in Python
  • Operators
  • Arithmetic operators
  • Operator precedence
  • Logical operators
  • Membership Operators
  • Basics I/O and Type casting
  • __builtins__ functions and getting help


Module 3: Control flow statements

  • Flow of program control
  • Decision making statements: if-elif-else
  • For loop
  • Making of ‘for’ loop
  • Repetition using for loop: range () function
  • Iteration using for loop
  • While loop
  • Making of ‘for’ loop
  • Infinite loop
  • Loop control keywords: break, continue, and pass


Module 4: Numbers and Functions

  • Introduction to functions
  • Function definition and return
  • Function call and reuse
  • Function parameters
  • Function recipe and docstring
  • Programming with functions
  • Namespaces and scope of variable
  • Numbers – int, float, long, complex


Module 5: Strings

  • Introduction to Python ‘string’ data type
  • Properties of a string
  • String built-in functions
  • Programming with strings
  • String formatting


Module 6: Lists

  • Introduction to Python ‘string’ data type
  • Properties of a list
  • List built-in functions
  • Programming with lists
  • List comprehension


Module 7: Tuples, Dictionary and Sets

  • Tuples as Read only lists
  • Moving from list to dictionary
  • Dictionary built-in functions
  • Sets and sets properties
  • Set built-in functions


Module 8: More of Python functions

  • Recursive functions
  • *args, **kwargs, argv
  • Modules and Packages
  • Iterators and Generators
  • Function decorators


Module 9: Object oriented programming with Python

  • OOPs concepts: Classes and objects
  • Making of a class and module namespace
  • Static and instance variables
  • Deep understanding of self and __init__()
  • Inheritance and Overriding
  • Overloading functions
  • Operator overloading
  • Encapsulation: Hiding attributes
  • Abstract Base Class ( abc module)
  • Module 10: Exception Handling in Python
  • Understanding exceptions
  • Try, except, else and finally
  • Raising exceptions with: raise, assert
  • Creating your own exception classes
  • Logging and Debugging


Module 11: File handing – Part 1

  • Working with files
  • File objects and Modes of file operations
  • Reading, writing and use of ‘with’ keyword
  • read(), readline(), readlines(), seek(), tell() methods
  • Handling comma separated value files
  • CSV reading and writing with DictWriter


Module 12: File Handling – Part 2

  • JSON parsing
  • File compression – zipping and unzipping
  • Pickling


Module 13: Regular expression

  • Pattern matching
  • Meta characters for making patterns
  • re flags
  • Project 1: Pattern matching over files


Module 14: Multithreading

  • Introduction
  • Starting a new Thread using ‘Thread’ module
  • The Threading Module
  • Synchronizing Threads


Module-15: Database

  • What is Database and MySQLdb?
  • Install MySQLdb module
  • DB connection and disconnection
  • Creating Database Table
  • Insert, Update and Delete
  • Commit and Rollback
  • Handling DB Errors


Module-16: Python Debugging and Automation Framework

  • pdb module
  • Planning for automation framework
  • Developing Automation framework
  • Real time planning for automation testing and do automations


Module-17: Usage of standard module and web scrapping

  • os,sys, timemodule
  • webscrapping
  • Socket module
  • Paramiko module


Module-18: Introduction to Flask

  • Introduction to Flask and web development
  • First Flask “hello” application
  • Developing of REST end point
  • Demo


Leading Python Certification Course in Bangalore

We are bringing to all tech enthusiasts the most comprehensive python certification course in Bangalore. It doesn’t matter if you are a no face or an advanced learner; all your requirements will be met. There is no dearth of python programs online, but most of them are not sufficient and frankly quite flawed.

Real-Time Python Certification Training

To ensure that you are getting the best classroom experience, we bring to you real-time teachers who will help you solve all your queries. Just sitting in front of a device and watching a video is not enough. The technology is changing, and that is why we provide you, which teaches you to have more than 20 years of experience in the python industry. We can provide you with information that will help you meet the current industry standards.

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1.Does Prwatech provide Placement assistance?

Answer: Yes, we do have a 100% Placement assistance program with us whoever complete python certification course in Bangalore with us can get it.

2.What are the types/ Modes of Training available?

Answer: Prwatech, Providing two modes of Training for those who are willing to join python certification course in Bangalore i.e. Classroom Training mode & Online classes. So one can choose the best & comfortable option.

3.Do Prwatech Provide Course Certification?

Answer: Yes, We do provide the Python Course which helps to provide advanced certification to the candidates who all are the complete courses with us.

4.Do Prwatech Provide Video tutorials?

Answer: yes, we do have dedicated YouTube where one can easily get all our Training videos easier.

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