Scala – Algebraic Data Types

  • date 18th February, 2021 |
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Algebraic Data Types in Scala

Algebraic Data Types (ADTs) are a fundamental concept in functional programming, including Scala, that enable the creation of structured data types by combining simpler types. In Scala, ADTs are typically define using case classes and seale traits, providing powerful tools for modeling complex data structures in a concise and expressive manner.

There are two primary forms of ADTs in Scala:

  1. Sum Types (Sealed Traits): Sum types represent a choice between different alternatives. Pattern matching is often use with sum types to handle different cases base on the type of data.

  2. Product Types (Case Classes): Product types represent a combination of different values. They are using case classes, which encapsulate multiple values into a single data structure. Case classes support pattern matching for deconstructing and extracting values.

ADTs promote immutability and encapsulation by default, making them well-suited for functional programming paradigms. They enable developers to model domain-specific data with precision and clarity, ensuring type safety and robustness in Scala applications.

The Sum type

The Sum type is also referred to as an “enumerated type” because you simply enumerate all of the possible instances of the type. A few important points about this are.

The Product type


case class Prwatech (
    b1: Training,
    b2: Institute

Hybrid types

case class Prwatech (
    DataScience: DataScience,
    BigData: BigData,
    ElasticSearch: Seq[ElasticSearch]



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