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This is one of the frequently asked questions, Even though both var and Val keywords are used to declare variables in Scala, there is a subtle difference between them. A var is a variable. It’s a mutable reference to a value. Since it’s mutable, its value might change through the program. On the other hand, the value keyword represents a value. It’s an immutable reference, which means that its value never changes. Once assigned it will always keep the same value. It’s similar to a final variable in Java or constants in other languages. It is also beneficial to remember that the variable type cannot change in Scala. It may be known as that a var behaves similarly to Java variables.

While the def is a function declaration. It is evaluated on call, similar to Python, where def is also used to declare a function.

Difference between var, val, and def in Scala

That’s all about the difference between Var, Val, and def in Scala. In short, the value and Var are evaluated when defined, while def is evaluated on call. Also, Val defines a constant, a fixed value that cannot be modified once declared and assigned while Var defines a variable, which can be modified or reassigned.

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