Tableau Installation Tutorial for Beginners

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Tableau Installation Tutorial for Beginners


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Tableau Server Installation Steps


This topic will demonstrate the environment setup of Tableau.


Download :


The personal and free version of Tableau can be downloaded from Tableau Desktop. The download process requires registration with one’s details.

Once the download is done, installation is very easy. It requires one to accept the license agreement and specify the target folder for the installation process. The steps below would demonstrate the entire process.


Begin the Installation Process:


Double click on the downloaded file. A screen would pop up to let the installation process to run. Click on “Run”.


Tableau Server Installation Steps


License agreement:


Read the license agreement and tick the option “I have read and accept the terms of this license agreement”. And then, click “Install”.


Tableau Server Installation Steps - Licence agreement


Start Trial Version:


Once the installation is completed, the screen would prompt with the option to Start the trial now or later. One can opt to start it now. Also, if one has purchased Tableau then one may put the License key.Tableau trial edition can be used for fourteen days. Post expiry of trial version, one needs to have a license key in order to use it for further analysis. If one wishes to use Tableau for free, one would have to download and install Tableau Public from their official website. The major difference between Tableau Desktop and Tableau Public is that the Public version has limited access to connect to different data sources. Only a handful of data sources like Excel and Google sheets can be used whereas in Desktop version, all the sources can be accessed that Tableau offers.One needs to have a Tableau Public account and then the workbooks and reports developed are to be published on the Tableau Public server and then the reports have to be downloaded in the server in order to save them in the personal computer.


Tableau Server Installation Steps_start trail version


Details Input:


All the details are to be filled and then click “Next”.


Tableau Server Installation Steps_details input




Click “Continue” after registration completion screen appears.


Tableau Server Installation Steps_registration




Go to start menu and click on the Tableau icon. The following screen would appear if the installation was successful.


Tableau Server Installation Steps_verification



We hope you understand Tableau Installation tutorial for beginners.Get success in your career as a Tableau developer by being a part of the Prwatech, India’s leading Tableau training institute in Bangalore.



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