Apache Spark Cassandra Installation

  • date 28th April, 2019 |
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Apache Spark Cassandra Installation

Apache Spark Cassandra Installation, In this tutorial one, can easily know the information about Apache Spark Cassandra Installation and setup Cassandra cluster ubuntu which are available and are used by most of the Spark developers. Are you dreaming to become to certified Pro Spark Developer, then stop just dreaming, get your Apache Spark Scala certification course from India’s Leading Apache Spark Scala Training institute. In this tutorial, we will learn how to install Cassandra on ubuntu. We will learn various steps for the Cassandra installation on Ubuntu to set up the Apache Spark. We will start with platform requirements for Apache Scala Setup Cassandra cluster ubuntu, Cassandra installation prerequisites, various software required for installing Cassandra on Ubuntu. Do you want to set up the Cassandra on Ubuntu, So follow the below mentioned Apache spark Cassandra installation guide from Prwatech and take Apache Spark Scala training like a pro from today itself under 15+ Years of Hands-on Experienced Professionals.

How to install Cassandra on ubuntu


We get http://www.us-apache.org/dist/cassandra/3.0.5/apache-cassandra-3.0.5-bin-tar.gz Extract it Paste gave lines in .bashrc file Export CASSANDRA_HOME=/home/Hadoop/work/Apache-Cassandra-3.0.5 Export PATH=$CASSANDRA_/bin:$PATH Cd $CASSANDRA_HOME/bin Cqlsh

Working with Cassandra

CREATE KEYSPACE A keyspace is nothing but an object which holds the information of column family user defines the data type. In RDBMS we have a database but in Cassandra we have keyspace. Syntax: Create keyspace test with replication={‘class’:SimpleStragey’,’replication_factore:3}; A keyspace is created now To verify Syntax: DESCRIBE keyspaces; CREATING TABLE Syntax: Creating table student ( Student_name text Primary key, Std_age int, Std_address text, Std_phonevarint); INSERTION OPERATION Syntax : INSERT into(student_name,std_age,std_address,std_phone) values(‘H kumar’,25,Bangalore,909090909); ALTERTABLE Syntax : Alter table student add student_email text DROP COLUMN Syntax: ALTER TABLE STUDENT DROP(STD_AGE); TRUNCATE TABLE Syntax: TRUNCATE Student;

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