Hadoop GCP with Hive

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Hadoop GCP with Hive

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GCP Hadoop Hive Tutorials

♦ Start GCP instance terminal : GCP Hadoop Hive   ♦ In Cloud Shell, set the default Compute Engine zone to the zone where you are going to create your Cloud Dataproc clusters.
export REGION=us-central1
export ZONE=us-central1-a
gcloud config set compute/zone $ZONE
GCP Hadoop Hive   ♦ Enable the Cloud Dataproc and Cloud SQL Admin APIs by running this command in Cloud Shell:
gcloud services enable dataproc.googleapis.com sqladmin.googleapis.com
GCP Hadoop Hive   ♦ Create a warehouse bucket that will host the Hive data and be shared by all Hive servers :
export PROJECT=$(gcloud info --format='value(config.project)')
gsutil mb -l $REGION gs://$PROJECT-warehouse
GCP Hadoop Hive   ♦ Create a new Cloud SQL instance that will later be used to host the Hive metastore :
gcloud sql instances create hive-metastore \
    --database-version="MYSQL_5_7" \
    --activation-policy=ALWAYS \
    --gce-zone $ZONE
GCP Hadoop Hive   ♦ Create the first Cloud Dataproc cluster:
gcloud dataproc clusters create hive-cluster \
    --scopes sql-admin \
    --image-version 1.3 \
    --initialization-actions gs://dataproc-initialization-actions/cloud-sql-proxy/cloud-sql-proxy.sh \
    --properties hive:hive.metastore.warehouse.dir=gs://$PROJECT-warehouse/datasets \
    --metadata "hive-metastore-instance=$PROJECT:$REGION:hive-metastore"
GCP Hadoop Hive   ♦ Copy the sample dataset to your warehouse bucket:
gsutil cp gs://hive-solution/part-00000.parquet \
GCP Hadoop Hive   ♦ Create an external Hive table for the dataset:
gcloud dataproc jobs submit hive \
    --cluster hive-cluster \
    --execute "
      CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE transactions
      (SubmissionDate DATE, TransactionAmount DOUBLE, TransactionType STRING)
      LOCATION 'gs://$PROJECT-warehouse/datasets/transactions';"
GCP Hadoop Hive   ♦ Run the following simple HiveQL query to verify that the parquet file is correctly linked to the Hive table:
gcloud dataproc jobs submit hive \
    --cluster hive-cluster \
    --execute "
      SELECT *
      FROM transactions
      LIMIT 10;"
GCP Hadoop Hive
♦ It will display the following result : GCP Hadoop Hive

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