Sqoop – MySql to HDFS in Cloudera VM

  • date 19th March, 2021 |
  • by Prwatech |


Hardware requirements:

Local machine

Ram 8 gb or above

software requirements:

VMware Workstation: https://prwatech.in/blog/software-installation/vmware-workstation-installation/

cloudera : https://www.cloudera.com/downloads/cdh.html

Programming language: Linux

Learn Linux: https://prwatech.in/blog/linux/linux-architecture/


1.open cloudera in Vmware and open terminal

2.Login to mysql using following command: mysql -u root -p

3. Type show databases;

4.Create database  of your choice using command : create database ‘databasename’ and create a table by using following command create table Employee(firstName varchar(50), LastName varchar(50));

5.Type insert into Employee values("firstname ","last name "),("firstname ", "lastname ");

6. To display the values of table type 'select *from Employee;'

7. check the ipaddress of cloudera my using command: ifconfig

8. Type the following sqoop command:- "sqoop import –connect jdbc:mysql:// --username root –password cloudera –table Employee –target-dir myfirstdata –m 1"

9. command: "hadoop fs -cat myfirstdata"

10. command : hadoop fs -ls myfirstdata

11. command : hadoop fs -cat myfirstdata/part-m-00000

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