Installing ElasticSearch & Kibana (Windows)

  • date 3rd November, 2019 |
  • by Prwatech |

►Only prerequisite for ELK stack is your machine must have Java 1.8 or newer versions installed, Download & Install if you don’t have.

►Goto and Download the ElasticSearch & Kibana zip files. Unzip these two files.

►Now go to Command prompt Inside ElasticSearch/bin folder & run command to start ElaticSearch server.

(to check whether ElasticSearch server is running or not go to Browser and search for localhost:9200” .It will print all information about your current running ElasticSearch Server.)

►Open new command prompt, inside Kibana/config open the yml file.

remove the ‘#‘ of this below line in that file and save the file.

(this line basically connects ElasticSearch with Kibana.)

#elasticsearch.hosts: [“http://localhost:9200”]

►Now all set to start Kibana Server, Go to Kibana/bin and run command.’


(Search for localhost:5601 ” in Browser. You will get Kibana Web UI from where you will be interacting with ElasticSearch.)
You have successfully installed ElasticSearch & Kibana.


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