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WHAT IS ELASTICSEARCH                     

►ElasticSearch is open source, distributed NoSQL database which allows real time searching & analysing of big data.

►ElasticSearch allows us very powerful searches over huge amount of data and also considered as Big Player in Big data Analytics.

►It can store & process all types of data including textual, numerical, structured, semistructured & unstructured.

►ElasticSearch is built based on Apache Lucene library.

►ElasticSearch was first released in 2010 by ElasticSearch N.V.(now known as Elastic).
►Features :-

►NoSQL Database

►Scalable & Distributed

►Fault Tolerant

►Searchings are very fast

►Schema Free



►E => ElasticSearch, L => LogStash, K => Kibana.

►It is nothing but a Set of open source tools like ElasticSearch, Kibana, LogStash, Beats etc.

►ElasticSearch is the central as well as storage component in Elastic Stack.

►LogStash is used for Data Ingestion to ElasticSearch.

►Kibana provides Web UI for Analysis & Visualization.

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