Aws interview questions and Answers

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Aws (Amazon Web Services) interview questions and Answers

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Here is the list of Top-Rated aws interview questions and answers for freshers

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Q1). What is Cloud Computing?

Ans: Cloud is like a third-party server where we can store data big data, no hardware-software needed, if you have internet you can work from anywhere just like Gmail. E.g:- Gmail, you go to the browser type Gmail and enters credentials and can access it from anywhere.


Q2). What are the attributes of Cloud Computing?

Ans: Here are a few attributes of Cloud Computing-



3.No large setup fee

4. Fixed, predictable cost

5.Scales with your business

6.Automatic Upgrade


Q3). Why go, cloud-based?

Ans: Here are the reasons why you should consider cloud computing as a developer. A cloud system takes care of your Network, storage approach, Operating System, database, etc. infrastructure-related services all by itself and you need not bother. It helps you weave up quick applications that itself takes care of Security, sharing of the apps, integration models, etc. you get inbuilt in cloud apps.


Q4). What are the basic structures of the Amazon EC2 service?

Ans: As the Amazon EC2 service is a cloud facility, so it has entirely all the cloud features. Amazon EC2 delivers the subsequent features:
• Virtual computing atmosphere (popular as instances)
• Pre-configured patterns
• Amazon Machine Images


Q5). Define regions and availability zones in Amazon EC2.

Ans: Being such a mammoth in the business, usually, information that Amazon EC2 uses is facilitated in various areas over the world. These overall areas are ordered as far as accessibility zones as well as regions.


Q6). What is Amazon EC2 Root Device Volume?

Ans: When you dispatch an instance, the root device volume has the picture that was utilized to boot up the case in any case.


Q7). What are the main components of AWS?

Ans: Below mentioned are the key components of AWS:

1.Route 53: A DNS web facility

2.Easy E-mail Facility: It permits the transfer of e-mail using RESTFUL API demand or through consistent SMTP

3.Self and Access Organization: It offers improved security and uniqueness management for your AWS account

4.Simple Storage Device known as S3: It is a storing device and the greatest extensively used AWS service

5. Elastic Compute Cloud is known as EC2: It offers on-demand computing properties for hosting requests. It is very valuable in case of random workloads

6.Elastic Block Store known as EBS: It delivers determined storage volumes that assign to EC2 to permit you to continue data past the lifetime of a single EC2

7.CloudWatch: To screen AWS possessions, it permits administrators to assess and gather key. Similarly, one can set an announcement alarm in case of an issue.


Q8). Explain in detail the function of Amazon Machine Image (AMI)?

Ans: An Amazon Machine Image AMI is a pattern that comprises a software conformation (for instance, an operating system, a request server, and applications). From an AMI, we present an example, which is a duplicate of the AMI successively as a virtual server in the cloud. We can even offer plentiful examples of an AMI.


Q9). What is the connection between Instance and AMI?

Ans: We can launch diverse types of occurrences from alone AMI. An example type basically controls the hardware of the host processor used for your example. Each occurrence type offers dissimilar calculate and memory competencies. After we introduce an instance, it looks like an old-style host, and we can interrelate with it as we would do with any mainframe. We have comprehensive control of our examples; we can make usage pseudo to run instructions that need root rights.


Q10). How would you safeguard your EC2 instances while running it in a VPC?

Ans: Security Groups can be utilized to safeguard your EC2 instances in a VPC. We can arrange both INBOUND and OUTBOUND movement in a Security Group which empowers anchored access to your EC2 occurrences.


Deploy and execute spark submit on Amazon EMR cluster


Q11). How many EC2 instances can you use in a VPC?

Ans: You are limited to 20 EC2. However, the maximum VPC size is 65,536 instances.


Q12). How will you monitor the network traffic in your AWS VPC?

Ans: We can do it by using the Amazon VPC Flow-Logs feature that is available in your VPC itself.


Q13). What is the total number of buckets that can be created in AWS by default?

Ans: 100 buckets can be made in every one of the AWS accounts. If extra buckets are required, then you can increment the bucket limit by presenting a service limit increase.


Q14). What would you suggest should be the instance’s tenancy attribute for running it on single-tenant hardware in the AWS environment?

Ans: The instance tenancy attribute must be set to a devoted case and different types of values probably won’t be fitting for this activity.


Q15). What parameters will you take into consideration when choosing the availability zone?

Ans: Execution, valuing, idleness, and reaction time are some of the variables to think about while choosing the accessibility zone in AWS.


Q16). If I’m using Amazon CloudFront, can I use Direct Connect to transfer objects from my own data-center?

Ans: Yes. Amazon CloudFront bolsters custom inceptions including starting points from outside of AWS. With AWS Direct Connect, you will be accused of separate information exchange rates.


Q17). Imagine that you are launching an instance under the free usage tier from AMI having a snapshot-size of 50GB. How are you going to launch the instance under the free usage tier?

Ans: It is not possible to launch this particular instance under the free usage tier.


Q18). Name the AWS service exists only to superfluously cache data and images?

Ans: AWS Edge locations are the AWS services that superfluously cache data and images.


Q19). What is Geo Restriction in CloudFront?

Ans: A Geo-restriction feature causes you to keep clients of explicit geographic areas from getting to content which you’re conveying through a CloudFront web circulation.


AWS Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced


Q20). What is Amazon EMR?

Ans: EMR is a survived cluster stage that encourages you to translate the working of information structures before the implication. Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark on the Amazon Web Services causes you to research a lot of information. You can get ready information for the exam objectives and showcasing insightfulness outstanding tasks at hand utilizing Apache Hive and utilizing other applicable open-source plans.


Q21). What is multi-AZ RDS?

Ans: Multi-AZ (Availability Zone) RDS enables you to have a copy of your generation database in another accessibility zone. Multi-AZ (Availability Zone) database is utilized for calamity recuperation. You will have a precise of your database. So when your essential database goes down, your application will consequently failover to the backup database.


Q22). What are security groups?

Ans: Security groups go about as a firewall that contains the traffic for at least one example. You can relate at least one security gatherings to your occasions when you dispatch at that point. You can add guidelines to every security bunch that enables traffic to and from its related examples. You can alter the guidelines of a security bunch whenever the new standards are naturally and promptly connected to every one of the occasions that are related to the security group.


Q23). What Is Configuration Management?

Ans: Configuration management has been around for quite a while in web tasks and frameworks organization. However, its social ubiquity has been constrained. Most frameworks head design machines as programming were created before adaptation control – that is physically making changes on servers. Every server can look at that point and for the most part, is somewhat extraordinary. Investigating, however, is clear as you log in to the crate and work on it legitimately. Setup the executives brings a huge robotization instrument in the image, overseeing servers like strings of a manikin. This powers institutionalization, best practices, and reproducibility as all configs are formed and oversaw. It likewise presents another method for working, which is the greatest obstacle to its reception.


Q24). Explain How You Would Simulate Perimeter Security Using the Amazon Web Services Model?

Ans: Traditional perimeter security that we’re now acquainted with utilizing firewalls etc. aren’t upheld in the Amazon EC2 world. AWS underpins security gatherings. One can make a security bunch for a hop box with ssh gets to – just port 22 open. From that point, a web server gathering and database bunch are made. The web server bunch permits 80 and 443 from the world, yet port 22 *only* from the hop box gathering.
Further, the database bunch permits port 3306 from the webserver gathering and port 22 from the hop box gathering. Add any machines to the webserver gathering, and they would all be able to hit the database. Nobody from the world can, and nobody can straightforwardly ssh to any of your cases.


Q25). How to Use Amazon Sqs?

Ans: Amazon SQS (Simple Queue Service) is a message-passing system that is utilized for correspondence between various connectors that are associated with one another. It likewise goes about as a communicator between different segments of Amazon. It keeps all the distinctive utilitarian segments together. This usefulness causes various parts to be inexactly coupled, and give engineering that is more failure resilient system.


Q26). What do you mean by the classic link?

Ans: The Amazon virtual private cloud classic link will allow EC2 examples in the EC2 great stage. This happens so it can speak with the occasions that are available in the virtual private cloud. The correspondence happens with the assistance of private IP addresses. To utilize a great connection, it is significant that you empower it for virtual private cloud in your record. At that point, you should relate a security bunch with a case in the EC2 great. This security bunch is from the VPC for which you empowered the great connection in your record. Every single principle that is there for the VPC security bunch is relevant for the correspondences between the examples in EC2 exemplary and those cases in the VPC.


Q27). What is AWS Lambada?

Ans: Lambda is an event-driven stage. It is a process benefit that runs code in light of occasions and consequently deals with the computer assets required by that code


Q28). If my AWS Direct Connect flops, will I lose my connection?

Ans: If a gridlock AWS Direct connects has been arranged, in the occasion of a let-down it will change over to the second one. It is optional to permit Bidirectional Forwarding Detection (BFD) when arranging your influences to safeguard faster recognition and failover. On the other hand, if you have organized a backup IPsec VPN joining as an alternative, all VPC traffic will failover to the backup VPN connection routinely.


Q29). Can I connect my corporate data center to the Amazon Cloud?

Ans: Yes, you can do this by setting up a VPN (Virtual Private Network) association between your organization’s system and your VPC (Virtual Private Cloud), this will enable you to collaborate with your EC2 occasions as though they were inside your current system.


Q30). Describe Amazon Machine Image, and what is the connection between Instance and AMI?

Ans: Amazon Web Services offers numerous ways to contact Amazon EC2, like the web-based border, AWS Command Line Interface CLI as well as Amazon Tools for Windows Power Shell. Initially, you are required to sign up for an AWS version, and you can contact Amazon EC2. Amazon EC2 offers a Query API. These requirements are HTTP or HTTPS requirements that practice the HTTP verbs GET or POST and a Query constraint called Action.


Q31). What are two types of AMIs or Amazon Machine Images?

Ans: There are two kinds of AMIs or Amazon Machine Images that are accessible:

1.EBS based storage

2.Instance store-backed AMI


Q32). Are you aware of the Security Group in Amazon EC2? Explain a little bit about it.

Ans: Security groups in Amazon EC2 are one of the routes through which the security of the cloud organizes is ensured. They go about as a firewall and are utilized for controlling both the inbound just as outbound traffic at the dimension of the instance.


Q33). What are Amazon EBS-Optimized instances?

Ans: Amazon EBS streamlined occasions to guarantee that the Amazon EC2 case is set up to exploit the I/O of the Amazon EBS Volume. An Amazon EBS-improved occasion utilizes a streamlined setup stack and gives the extra devoted ability to Amazon EBS I/When you select Amazon EBS-upgraded for a case you pay an extra hourly charge for that instance.


Q34). What Is Lambda@edge In Aws?

Ans: In AWS, we can utilize Lambda@Edge utility to take care of the issue of low system idleness for end clients. In Lambda@Edge, there is no compelling reason for the arrangement or oversee servers. We can simply transfer our Node.js code to AWS Lambda and make works that will be activated on CloudFront demands. At the point when a solicitation for substance is gotten by CloudFront edge area, the Lambda code is prepared to execute. This is a generally excellent choice for scaling up the activities in CloudFront without overseeing servers.


Q35). Which virtual network interface would you use to attach to an instance in a VPC?

Ans: Elastic Network Interface


Q36). Explain what T2 instances are?

Ans: T2 instances are intended to give moderate gauge execution and the capacity to blast to higher execution as required by the outstanding task at hand.


Q37). What is the role of a Route Table in AWS?

Ans: Route Table is utilized to network the system pockets. By and a large one-course table would be accessible in each subnet. Course table can have any no. of records or data, subsequently appending different subnets to a course table is additionally conceivable.


Q38). What is the use of AWS CloudTrail?

Ans: CloudTrail is intended for logging and following API calls. It is also used to review all the S3 bucket accesses.


Q39). Are there any Bandwidth constraints for internet gateways?

Ans: Ordinarily, an IG is horizontally called, and it is Redundant and Highly Available. It isn’t having any type of Bandwidth constraints as a rule.


AWS Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers


Q40). Which instance will you use for deploying a 4-node Hadoop cluster in AWS?

Ans: We can utilize a c4.8x large instance or i2. Large for this, yet utilizing a c4.8x will require a superior configuration on PC.


Q41). How can you bind a user session with the specific instance in ELB (Elastic Load Balancer)?

Ans: This can be easily achieved by permitting Sticky Session.


Q42). What will happen if you erase a peering connection on your side?

Ans: The peering connection accessible on the opposite side would likewise get erased. There will be no more activity streaming.


Q43). What is a redshift?

Ans: Redshift is a major information distribution center item. It is quick and incredible, completely overseen information distribution center administration in the cloud.


Q44). What are the edge locations?

Ans: An edge location is where the substance will be stored. Along these lines, when a client is attempting to getting to any substance, the substance will consequently be looked in the edge location.


Q45). Difference between Amazon RDS, DynamoDB and Redshift?

Ans: RDS is meant for structured data only. DynamoDB is meant for unstructured data which is a NoSQL service. Redshift is a data warehouse product used for data analysis.


Q46). What Are Lifecycle Hooks?

Ans: Lifecycle Hooks are used in Auto Scaling. Lifecycle hooks enable you to perform custom actions by pausing instances as an Auto Scaling group launches or terminates them. Each Auto Scaling group can have multiple lifecycle hooks.


Q47). What is a Hypervisor?

Ans: A Hypervisor is a kind of software that enables Virtualization. It combines physical hardware resources into a platform that is delivered virtually to one or more users. XEN is the Hypervisor for EC2.


Q48). What is the feature of ClassicLink?

Ans: ClassicLink allows instances in the EC2 classic platform to communicate with instances in VPC using a Private IP address. EC2 classic platform instances cannot be linked to more than one VPC at a time.


Q49). How many Elastic IPs can you create?

Ans:5 VPC Elastic IP addresses per AWS account per region


Q50). Can you make a VPC available in multiple Available Zones?

Ans: Yes.

Top interview questions on aws for Freshers & Experienced


Q 51: What is AWS?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, which offers compute power, database storage, content delivery, and other functionality to help businesses scale and grow.

1. Some of the AWS services are mention below:
2.Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
3.Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)
4.Amazon DynamoDB
5.Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS)
6.Amazon Simple Queue Service (SQS)
7. Amazon Lambda

It provides three main types of service models mix of

1.Infrastructure as a service (IaaS),

2.Platforms as a service (PaaS) and

3.Packaged software as a service (SaaS) offerings.


Q 52: What type of performance can you expect from Elastic Block Storage? How do you back it up and enhance the performance?

Ans: Performance of elastic block storage varies i.e. it can go above the SLA performance level and after that drop below it. SLA provides an average disk I/O rate which can at times frustrate performance experts who earn for reliable and consistent disk throughput on a server. Virtual AWS instances do not behave this way. One can backup EBS volumes through a graphical user interface like an elastic fox or use the snapshot facility through an API call. Also, the performance can be improved by using a Linux software raid and striping across four volumes.


Q 53: What is Simple Storage Service (S3)?

Ans: S3 holds for Simple Storage Service. You can utilize the S3 interface to save and recover the unspecified volume of data, at any time and from everywhere on the web. For S3, the payment type is “pay as you go”.


Q 54: What is AWS Lambda?

Ans: Lambda is an event-driven platform. It is a computer service that runs code in response to events and automatically manages the compute resources required by that code.


Q 55: Mention what the relationship between an instance and AMI is?

Ans: From a single AMI, you can launch multiple types of instances.  An instance type defines the hardware of the host computer used for your instance. Each instance type provides different compute and memory capabilities.  Once you launch an instance, it looks like a traditional host, and we can interact with it as we would with any computer.


Q 56:What does an AMI include?

An AMI includes the following things:

1.A template for the root volume for the instance
2. Launch permissions decide which AWS accounts can avail the AMI to launch instances
3.A block device mapping that determines the volumes to attach to the instance when it is launched


Q 57: What is Auto Scaling?

Creating duplicate instances during heavy business hours. Scale-IN and

1. Scale-OUT is two different statues of Scaling.
2.Scale-IN: Reducing the instances.
3.Scale-OUT: Increasing the instances by duplicating.


Q 58: List the components required to build Amazon VPC?

Subnet, Internet Gateway, NAT Gateway, HW VPN Connection, Virtual Private Gateway, Customer Gateway, Router, Peering Connection, VPC Endpoint for S3, Egress-only Internet Gateway.


Q 59:  What are Key Pair and its uses?

You use Key Pair to login to your Instance in a secure way. You can create a key pair using the EC2 console. When your instances are spread across regions you need to create a key pair in each region.


Q 60: How will you use Amazon S3 with your Amazon EC2 instances?

Websites hosted on your Amazon EC2 instances can load their static contents directly from Amazon S3. It provides highly scalable, reliable, fast, inexpensive data storage infrastructure.


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