Copying data from Storage bucket to a Filestore file share

  • date 10th July, 2021 |
  • by Prwatech |


GCP account

Open Console

Open Menu > Cloud Storage > Bucket

Open the bucket and click on the file which you want to copy

Copy the URI of file

Open Cloud Shell

Paste the code below

$   sudo gsutil cp –r <URI_of_File> /mount_directory

It will copy the file from Cloud Storage Bucket into filestore file share directory

Copying data from a Filestore file share to a Cloud Storage bucket

$   sudo gsutil cp –r /mount_directory gs://<Bucket_name>/folder_name

It will copy the file from file share to cloud storage bucket

You can use the below command also to copy the file to or from filestore instances

$     gsutil rsync -r mount-directory gs://bucket

It will copy the whole files containing in mount directory into bucket

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