Adding and removing files in bucket using cloud SDK.

  • date 18th March, 2021 |
  • by Prwatech |


Hardware : GCP

Google Account

We can add and remove files in GCP bucket using cloud SDK. It is much suitable when we are using the cloud console in our local machine.

Open cloud SDK

To copy file from local machine to bucket

$       gsutil cp <file-path> /<filename-with-extension> gs://<bucket-name>

Using cloud SDK

To copy file from bucket to local machine

$       gsutil cp gs://<bucket-name>/<file-name> <destination-path>/<filename-with-extension>

Using cloud Shell

To copy file from one bucket to another bucket

$       gsutil cp gs://<bucket-1-name>/<file-name-with-extension> gs://<bucket-2-name->/<filename with extension>

Using cloud shell

Quick Support

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