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Migration Manager: A Guide for Data Center Migrations


Migration Manager serves as a comprehensive guide for orchestrating data center migrations, facilitating seamless transitions of IT infrastructure from on-premises environments to cloud platforms like Google Cloud Platform (GCP). This tool streamlines the migration process, providing step-by-step guidance, best practices, and automated workflows to minimize disruptions and ensure the success of migration projects.

With Migration Manager, organizations can assess their existing infrastructure, analyze dependencies, and plan migration strategies tailored to their specific requirements and objectives. The tool offers capabilities for inventory discovery, workload profiling, and performance assessment, enabling organizations to identify critical applications and prioritize migration efforts effectively.


Hardware : GCP

Google account

It is used to migrate compute engine from other sources to GCP.

Open Menu > Compute Engine > Migrate for Compute Engine.

Migration managers are the ones who can establish this migration.

Click Create Manager.

Configure network connectivity and firewalls. After that Select the checkbox and click Continue.

Give the name for Migration manager instance. Choose the version for Manager. Select the region and zone which is needed for the Manager Instance. Machine Type selected automatically,

In Networking, Choose the network and Subnet which you want. You can use the VPC also.

Service account for migration manager as well as Service accounts for cloud extensions

Give the password for Migration manager. Give the private Key password also. Click Continue.

In review and create you can see that the functions which you gave to the Migration manager.

Click Create to create the service account.


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