Apache Spark SQL Commands

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Apache Spark SQL Commands

  Apache Spark SQL Commands, welcome to the world of Apache Spark Basic SQL commands. Are you the one who is looking forward to knowing the Apache Spark SQL commands List which comes under Apache Spark? Or the one who is very keen to explore the list of all the SQL commands in Apache Spark with examples that are available? Then you’ve landed on the Right path which provides the standard and Basic Apache Spark SQL Commands. If you are the one who is keen to learn the technology then learn the advanced certification course from the best Apache Spark training institute who can help guide you about the course from the 0 Level to Advanced level. So don’t just dream to become the certified Pro Developer Achieve it by choosing the best World classes Apache Spark Training Institute in Bangalore which consists of World-class Trainers. We, Prwatech listed some of the Top Apache Spark SQL Commands which Every Spark Developer should know about. So follow the Below Mentioned Apache Spark Basic SQL Commands and Learn the Advanced Apache Spark course from the best Spark Trainer like a Pro. Spark context(sc) : To initialize the functionalities of Spark SQL To create a spark context Apache Spark SQL Commands

Check the context created

spark sql tutorial Data set: Optimized version of RDD which uses interpreter and optimizer for processing. Data Frame: A data frame is a Data set organized into named columns. It is conceptually equivalent to a table in a relational database or a data frame in R/Python.

Data Frame

spark sql tutorial pdf spark sql query examples Apache spar sql data frame scala readvalue

Schema of a table: Using the below-mentioned command we find out the schema of Data set


Show data: Using below-mentioned command we display the values inside our data set

readvalue show course name

Reading files using spark session: Using the below-mentioned command we can read data from an external source by providing their path of existence.


Show value: To Display the data

scala df show

Selecting a particular column: Using below-mentioned command we can display all the data from a particular column

df select name show

Selecting more than one column: Using below-mentioned command we can display all the data from two selected column

scala df select name age show  

Incrementing the value of column: Using below-mentioned command we can increment the data with the given value

spark select age name

Alias: Using the below-mentioned command we can display columns as other names.

scala df show name alias name age alias age alias ageplusten

Filter: Using below-mentioned command we can filter out the value from using different parameters

scala df filter age show Data frames are also transformational in nature and they are immutable

Group by

Various Functions in Group By

 scala df groupby course

Count: Using this Group by function to count the given data set.

df groupby course count scala res22 show

Max: Using this Group by function to find out the maximum values for given datasets.

apache spark sql data frame

Min: Using this Group by function to find out the minimum values for given datasets.

course min age

Average: Using this Group by function to find out the average values for given datasets.

course avg age

Write: Using the below-mentioned command we can write and store data on the mentioned location as per user requirement.

de write json course age name

To perform query we create a template view

val student data json spark read json spark sql Now we can use command per operations using SQL queries  val new data spark sql

Data Set

Create dataset: Dataset is only created using (seq) object

Data set with metadata info

class player caseipl tods scala res40 show  SQL Commands

Now we can perform SQL query

spark sql from IPL

UDF Functions

UDF allows us to register custom functions to call within SQL. These are a very popular way to expose advanced functionality to SQL users in an organization so that these users can call into it without writing code

Test Case 1: Converting Celsius into Fahrenheit

val temperature temperature show

Register UDF: Using the below-mentioned command we are registering new functions as per user need.

spark udf register temperture creater or replace spark sql res65 show

Test case 2: Lower to Upper case

val dataset val upper import org apache spark sql val upper udf data set with columm

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