About R – Programming

It is an analytical tool that helps and assist to analyses statistical information in a highly efficient manner. It makes it easy to analyze the huge data where the traditional fails in providing relevant and reliable result .

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Rs. 14000/-Enroll Now



Rs. 14000/- Enroll Now



Rs. 14000/- Enroll Now



Rs. 14000/- Enroll Now

Learn to become expert business analyst

Business enterprises can analyses a data of nearly thirty millions of rows in sixty variables within 10 minutes of time . The speed of analysis is very quick and it produces good reliable scalable results that can be implemented in business development . It will provide the best view and all aspects of the business. A sophisticated an powerful tool is developed and it can be customized to meet industry requirements . It used by statisticians for computing statistics and analysis of information and highly integrated graphics.

The main objectives of the R – Programming

  • Students learn R – Programming language , data visualization concepts exploration of statistical concepts
    Learn fundamentals concepts of business analytics
    Learn various analytics like descriptive analytics, predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics, and different types of business analytics.
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Web analytics
  • Real time Case Studies
  • All in all students are guided through the real time aspects of R Programming efficiently by the experienced and expert professionals who have profound practical knowledge in the field.

What are the benefits of Learning R Programming ?

There is a tremendous business opportunity for the data analysts. Even the professionals can get benefits from R-programming to become expert business analysts. Certified data Scientists get very good pay pocket that is hefty.

Who are eligible to take the course ?

Anybody who wishes to know and learn about R – Programming with the basic knowledge in coding and programming can join the course . Students and professionals who wish t explore the world of business analytics can join the course.

  • Modules covered include:
  • Module 1 – How R Works
  • Module 2 part 1 – What is R-Packages
  • Module 2 part 2 – What is Sorting
  • Module 2 part 3 – Transpose Function
  • Module 3 part 1 – Functions & Reading Data from External Files
  • Module 3 part 2 – Generating Plots and Pie Charts
  • Module 4 part 1 – Analysis of Variancy (ANOVA)
  • Module 4 part 2 – What is Cluster Analysis
  • Module 5 part 1 – Association Rule Mining Affinity Analysis
  • Module 5 part 2 – Two Variable Relationships
  • Module 6 Part 1 – Database connectivity & Logistic Regression
  • Module 6 Part 2 – ROC Curve in R
  • Module 7 –Integrating R with Hadoop

INR  14000

35 Hours
Practical 40 Hours
15 Seats
Course Badge
Course Certificate

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