Creating pubsub subscription with message filtering

  • date 31st May, 2021 |
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Filter messages in Pub/Sub subscriptions


Filtering messages in Google Cloud Pub/Sub subscriptions allows users to selectively receive only the messages that match specific criteria, based on message attributes or content. This feature helps streamline message processing and reduce unnecessary overhead by ensuring that subscribers only receive messages relevant to their needs.

Pub/Sub supports message filtering through subscription filtering, which allows users to define subscription filters using subscription policies. These filters can be configured to match messages based on attributes such as message attributes, message data, or message metadata.

Users can specify filtering conditions using Pub/Sub’s filtering language, which supports logical operators, comparison operators, and regular expressions. For example, users can define filters to only receive messages with specific attributes or values, messages containing certain keywords or patterns in their content, or messages with timestamps within a certain range.


GCP account

Open Console.

Open  Menu > Pubsub > Subscriptions

Click on create  Subscription

Give the subscription ID.

Choose the pubsub topic.

the delivery type.

Choose the retention period for message. Choose the expiration period.

Give the Acknowledgement time

In subscription filter give the filter syntax.

These filter types you can use to filter the messages.

Filter Description
attributes:domain Messages with the domain attribute
NOT attributes:domain Messages without the domain attribute
attributes.domain = “com” Messages with the domain attribute and the value of com
attributes.domain != “com” Messages without the domain attribute and the value of com
hasPrefix(attributes.domain, “co”) Messages with the domain attribute and a value that starts with co
NOT hasPrefix(attributes.domain, “co”) Messages without the domain attribute and a value that starts with co

Click create. The subscription with message filtering will be created


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