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How to upgrade Hadoop 1.2.0 to Hadoop 2.6.0 in few steps?


Upgrade Hadoop 1.2.0 to Hadoop 2.6.0, In This tutorial, one can easily know the information about How to upgrade Hadoop 1.2.0 to Hadoop 2.6.0 which are available and are used by most of the Hadoop developers and self-learners. Are you dreaming to become to certified Pro Hadoop Developer, then stop just dreaming, get your Hadoop certification course from India’s Leading Hadoop Training institute in Bangalore.


This Hadoop cluster upgrade may be required when you upgrade from the older version of the Hadoop cluster to a newer version. Do you want to upgrade Hadoop 1 to 2, So follow the below mentioned Hadoop cluster upgrade steps from Prwatech and learn Hadoop course like a pro from today itself under 15+ Years of Hands-on Experienced Professionals.


Hadoop cluster upgrade steps :


♦ Step 1: You must have a 1.2.0 running cluster.


hadoop cluster setup


♦ Step 2: Upgrade java8


Hadoop cluster upgrade - Upgrade java8


♦ Step 3: Check any upgrade is going on or not.


Hadoop cluster upgrade


♦ Step 4: Make backup for all data, file of HDFS. using the below command.


Hadoop cluster upgrade - take backup to all data


♦ Step 5:- Close your Cluster


Hadoop cluster upgrade - close your cluster
♦ Step 6:- Download Hadoop 2.6.0 and untar that


Hadoop cluster upgrade - download hadoop 2.6.0


♦ Step 7:- Set .bashrc for new Hadoop


Hadoop cluster upgrade - set for new hadoop


♦ Step 8:- Check Hadoop version


Hadoop cluster upgrade - check hadoop version


♦ Step 9:- Set all the configuration files.



(Refer Hadoop-Singlenode 2.x blog)


♦ Step 10:- Now upgrade your name node


Hadoop cluster upgrade - upgrade namemode


♦ Step 11:- Check NameNode started or not


Hadoop cluster upgrade - check namemode


♦ Step 12:- Start DataNode


Hadoop cluster upgrade - start data node


♦ Step 13:- Now finalize your upgrade


Hadoop cluster upgrade - finalize upgrade


♦ Step 14:- Start other daemons


Hadoop cluster upgrade


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