IAM Policy Troubleshooter

  • date 13th April, 2021 |
  • by Prwatech |

Policy Troubleshooter for IAM


IAM Policy Troubleshooter is a powerful tool within Google Cloud Platform (GCP) that assists administrators in diagnosing and resolving access-related issues in Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies. It provides insights into why certain users or service accounts have or lack access permissions to specific GCP resources, helping organizations ensure secure and compliant access control configurations.

By examining the policies and permissions granted to individual users, service accounts, or groups, IAM identifies any inconsistencies, conflicts, or misconfigurations that may be causing access denial or unintended access.



IAM Policy Troubleshooter offers actionable recommendations and suggestions for resolving access issues, such as modifying IAM roles, adjusting resource-level permissions, or updating IAM policies to align with security best practices. Administrators can leverage these insights to fine-tune access control configurations, enforce least privilege principles, and enhance overall security posture within their GCP environments.


Hardware: GCP

Google account

Policy Trouble Shooter is used to identify whether the given user can have permission or not.

Open Cloud Console

Open Menu > IAM & Admin > Troubleshooter

Give the mail ID which we want to give principal access.

Select which resource and permission you want to give.

Press Check API call button.

It will show whether we can assign the mail ID for the specific permission or not.


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