Load data in BigQuery table from cloud shell

  • date 7th July, 2021 |
  • by Prwatech |


GCP account

Open Console.

Open the cloud shell.

Create a dataset

In Cloud Shell, use the bq mk command to create a dataset called “bq_load_codelab.”

$ bq mk mydataset_1

View dataset properties

Verify that you created the dataset by viewing the dataset’s properties with the bq show command.

$ bq show mydataset_1

Create a CSV file

In Cloud Shell, create an empty CSV file.

$ touch customer_transactions.csv

Open the CSV file in code editor in Cloud Shell which will open a new browser window with a code editor and Cloud Shell panel.

$ nano customer_transactions.csv

Paste the below code into customer_transactions.csv


c123,78757,2018-02-14 17:01:39Z,1.20,4.7,he4rt5

c456,10012,2018-03-14 15:09:26Z,53.60,3.1,ppiieee

c123,78741,2018-04-01 05:59:47Z,5.98,2.0,ch0c0

To exit from editor press ctrl + x then press y following enter.

Use the bq load command to load your CSV file into a BigQuery table.

bq load \

    –source_format=CSV \

    –skip_leading_rows=1 \

    mydataset_1.customer_transactions \

    ./customer_transactions.csv \


Get the table details

Verify that the table loaded by showing the table properties.

bq show mydataset_1.customer_transactions

Query the data

bq query –nouse_legacy_sql ‘

SELECT SUM(c.amount) AS amount_total, z.state_code AS state_code

FROM `mydataset_1.customer_transactions` c

JOIN `bigquery-public-data.utility_us.zipcode_area` z

ON c.zip = z.zipcode

GROUP BY state_code’

Clean up

bq rm -r mydataset_1



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